TEKsystems Health Insurance a SCAM!!

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TEKSYSTEMSSUCKS in Sterling, Virginia

67 months ago

This article came out last week. Its the sad story of a computer security contractor who suffered a catastrophic health problem that ended up bankrupting him and his wife. He paid for health insurance from the staffing company he worked through (TEKsystems), but it didn't provide the nearly the coverage he had assumed. Here's the link:

here's an older critique (a bit left-biased but has some good points) of these crappy health plans:

With the economy the way it is more people might find themselves working through staffing companies that offer this type of cheapo health coverage as a phony incentive. I just wanted to make people aware of this who are used to the comprehensive plans offered by most direct employers and are duped into thinking they are getting the same from FAKEsystems. The cheap limited benefits insurance offered by staffing companies like FAKEsystems is not the same and leaves you financially exposed to a major illness.

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TekSystemsInsuranceIsBad in Madison, Wisconsin

64 months ago

I agree - Tek Systems Health Insurance is a scam - You pay about $500 a month for a $15,000 maximum for Employee+1 insurance.

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aston70 in Knoxville, Tennessee

63 months ago

I had the TekSystems health insurance coverage about 4 years ago and at that time my wife was diagnosed with cancer. One PetCT scan will wipe it out and once it's maxed out you still have to pay the premiums to maintain coverage. I now have an HSA. Much better way to go.

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Anonymous in Stony Point, New York

45 months ago

I got a call and the guy wanted to meet me at the mall for an interview. I just think that's creepy. I don't trust them at all.

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