How do I get out of wasting my time meeting with these companies?

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Floridian 1 in Minneola, Florida

104 months ago

Actually you will not be able to get submitted for a position with TEKsystems until you have met with someone from the company. It is a prerequisite for submittal to any client. If you are working you can ask your recruiter to come to you for a lunch or am coffee so that it does not disrupt your day. Usually it is a one time deal. Good Luck in your search!!

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sickofthebullcrap in Hartsdale, New York

103 months ago

I tell them I don't have the time for this bullcrap and if they can't submit me any other way, I take my business elsewhere. I've gotten many jobs in the past before without ever having to meet the recruiter, so why are some of these "agencies" so insistent on meeting their candidates? For every waste of time agency that wants me to come in, there are hundreds that don't waste my time and submit me after a casual conversation on the phone. If they need to see what I look like, I'll email them a digital photo of myself, but I don't like having my time and money wasted commuting from the suburbs into NYC simply because it's their stupid policy.

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Presley Elvis in New Hill, North Carolina

101 months ago

I have had to go on many interviews over the years, and I have been on the other end of interviewing clients. I will give you the main reason most companies/recruiters and HR people want and NEED to meet with you in person before the actual interview. There is also a good rule of thumb to try and get the potential client/employee to meet for lunch. Here is why.
1. The hiring agency such as Teksystems only wants to send presentable clients to their accounts. That doesn't mean that they are looking for sex, race, religion, etc...It means that you need to have a professional "look"
2. It is a good "practice" interview for you to brush up on some of your techniques for communicating your expectations and learning to ask insightful and appropriate questions.
3. The 10 minute intro to the recruiter can tell them many things about you and they may be able to offer constructive advice that you should heed if you are serious about improving your interview skills.

4. LUNCHES WITH RECRUITERS: Can I just tell you how important this is. There have been potential clients that can pass an interview, look the part, and get in the door. But, does the employer really know what they are getting in a candidate? By going to lunch you are able to see the following things that can not really be observed during the interview process.
a. How do they treat the waiter/waitress? Interaction
b. How do they socialize in a public setting? Confortable/at ease?
c. Do they exhibit manners and class? Do they eat with manners? It has to do with control and self awareness.
d. Offer to pay the tab...even for the recruiter! sign of thoughtfulness.
e. Are they able to make others feel comfortable around them and importantly, can they mix business with pleasure?

I hired a few individuals in my past that if I had taken them to lunch, I would have never made the mistake of hiring them.

If you are a strong candidate, ask for the lunch and close the deal.

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bjcs in Annapolis, Maryland

101 months ago

Oogum Boogum in Apex, North Carolina said: Ok, here's the situation: I'm contacted by a recruiter about a job that I'm qualified for, the pay and benefits sound reasonable, and everything is good to go. Here's the problem: they want me to come into their office and meet with them "for 10 minutes" as a requirement before they will submit my resume to their client. The BS reason is because they want to get to know me and meet me face to face before they submit me to their client. Of course, it's a requirement to meet with them before submittal. My experience has been that this is a complete waste of time. Every time I waste the time and gas to meet with these people, I never get the job. What I want to say is, you get me the interview, and I will meet with you for 10 minutes before the interview, and then, of course, when I get the job, I'll meet with you to sign W-4s, benefit paperwork, etc. What are some things I can say to get them to submit me without having to meet them?

This is just part of the game. They have to make sure you are representable since they are submitting you as their candidate. If you don't want the job. Don't bother.

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greg in Cupertino, California

25 days ago

Meeting with recruiters is what is left in the pasture by male cows. Keep in mind that recruiters are only a few notches above telemarketers in the grand scheme of things. I have an in-person interview in a couple of days, and the recruiter says he has to meet me tomorrow. I'm gonna tell him no way. I don't need this stuff that is left in the pasture by male cows.

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Trying to Help in Detroit, Michigan

25 days ago

Oh, greg in cupertino, you couldn't be more wrong. As with every profession, there are good and bad recruiters. To generalize is fine, but you're cutting off your own nose to spite your face.
Good luck in your job search. Once you learn that recruiters can actually help you, you'll be less dismissive toward them.

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greg in Cupertino, California

24 days ago

This is one of those times when I need to admit I am wrong. I actually tried to delete that post, but no luck.

So I do admit that there are many very professional recruiters, and I have worked with them, and they have gotten me positions, and I thank them very much.

But there are many that simply don't listen, that's an understatement, and for them my comment stands.

Anyway, sorry about my comment.

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Trying to Help in Detroit, Michigan

24 days ago

No worries. :) Good luck in your search!

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