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Al in Oak Lawn, Illinois

Updated 87 months ago

Invewing for Pharmacy Technician - 1 Reply

I have been with Target for over 4 years now and am currently a specialist. I have interviewed for TL positions a few times (every time I am told I...

Al in Oak Lawn, Illinois

Updated 87 months ago

Target-Pharmacist interviews - 1 Reply

Has anyone interviewed with Target recently for a pharmacist position? I'm interested in finding out more about the "Behavorial interview" I have...

Su Barwain in El Centro, California

Updated 87 months ago

Question on Sales Floor Associate - 3 Replies

I will be starting my new job at Target next week. I applied for a Cashier position, but I got the Sales Floor Assiocite position instead. I am an...

cjobs in Los Angeles, California

Updated 88 months ago

Target - you can have it - 3 Replies

I worked as a temp at Target about 2 years ago. I heard all about the teamwork and togetherness - well it was all for supporting the directors and...

cjobs in West Covina, California

health benefits at Target

Working at Target takes a toll on your body. As a cashier who not only operates the register but bags the mounds of things customers buy, there is a...

Tttt in American Fork, Utah

Think I got it?

Applied for Electronics/Sales Floor. Had two interviews, they told me they were still interviewing till Friday and I would hear from them by Monday....

Christopher in Bellingham, Massachusetts

Updated 89 months ago

smokers at target - 2 Replies

I recently was hired on for overnight at target. My first night there break time came and I asked where do we go to smoke? The supervisor informed...

midwifejudy@*****.*** in Boca Raton, Florida

Updated 90 months ago

If i get offered a job and have plans when they need me to work, what do i do? - 3 Replies

Hello, I have a job interview monday at 11am. If i do get offered a job, how should i tell them i cant work the following sunday? I cant work...

Jeff Sloan in Dallas, Texas

Updated 91 months ago

Help! - 3 Replies

Well, I guess someone in management really hates me, as they decided that after giving a few departments a substantial base pay raise (which I did,...

Jeff Sloan in Dallas, Texas

Updated 91 months ago

Target News and Happenings. - 4 Replies

What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are...

Jeff Sloan in Dallas, Texas

Updated 91 months ago

Target is what you make it. - 1 Reply

I am currently an In-Stock team Lead @ Target. There are many days I hate my job, but on the other hand there are alot of days I love it. Working...



I have been a Target team member for 4 years and was just notified that because I did not get sheduled 20 hrs. my health benifits will terminate...

wondering in Edmond, Oklahoma

Drug Test

On my conditional job offer form it has a orientation date. What i need to know is will they call me back and say yes or no to the drug test result,...

dvnt in glasgow, United Kingdom

Anybody Here Who Has Worket at T-0855 in Tucson, Arizona?

Would like a chance to vent with some folks who feel my pain.

penny 13 in gardendale, Alabama

What starting pay is for Back room

I am just wordering what starting pay is for the back room. k

16548 in Morganton, North Carolina

Background checks for Target

I recently applied for a job at a Target Dist. Center...the only concern I have is the background check (concerning credit reports etc) far as...

Retailworker in Los Angeles, California

Updated 104 months ago

Target Background Checks - 1 Reply

Any insight from people that have an idea of how extensive it is? Obviously, it will involve a criminal background check, but does it merely...

ELDreams in Colorado

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journalist here in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 110 months ago

Interviewing for Buisness Analyst/Buyer Program...relocation?? - 1 Reply

I am currently in the interview process with Target HQ for the merchandise planning track. I'm not so much concerned with the interview, I was...

scott nunyah in blackwood, New Jersey

Updated 110 months ago

need answer soon - 1 Reply

Does anyone know the age requirement to work at Target? 16,18,? And what is the likelyness that someone under 18 would be hired?

Paige Venable in Shoreview, Minnesota

Emailed my resume, and got a canidate referance number, but

I saw a position I knew I qualified for, and posted my resume. I recieved a notification letter the next day, but haven't heard anything since. I've...

scottt in Plainfield, New Jersey

Updated 117 months ago

What does AP stand for? - 4 Replies

I'm kinda new, what does AP stand for? I applied once online for ETL and I got an email the next day asking for me to call them. I don't know why...

redrum in Saint Paul, Minnesota


Does anyone know what top pay is for Indianapolis's Dist. Center???

Rejected In The Southwest in Arizona

Some advice for those interviewing for Management roles.

Not here to talk bad about Target or the hiring process, just wanted to take a brief moment to share an observation I had during the hiring process...

remaining faithful in Snellville, Georgia

Updated 120 months ago

Interviewing for an AP position at Target...need advice - 1 Reply

I am interviewing for an AP position with Target. I have my third interview today and I wanted some advice. I worked AP/LP for another company, but...

Nathan Bush in Des Moines, Iowa

Coming from Wal-Mart to I making the right decision?

Hi. I'm Nathan. I am a Wal-Mart associate here in Des Moines, Iowa. I recently applied at Target yesterday and had the first and second interview...

Michelle at Indeed in Austin, Texas

Updated 122 months ago

Resignation Email - 8 Replies

Hi, My name is Dan and I recently sent out a resignation email to the entire company. The email was about leadership and development -- nothing...

Pixielou in Chaska, Minnesota

Updated 123 months ago

Target Motives - 2 Replies

Given the number of comments, about the difficulty of getting an IT position at Target. And having seen Target promote people of age into positions...

JRhea in Wichita, Kansas

Updated 123 months ago

Employee candidate - 1 Reply

Hi - I just interviewed for a team lead position but after the 2nd interview (they gave me both on the same day), they told me I was overqualified...

Safety Jim in Hannacroix, New York

Updated 123 months ago

Their Abilities Test - 2 Replies

I was offered a job at The Distribution in Albany, but didn't pass my abilities test. They hook a heart monitor to your chest and have you pick up...

Safety Jim Gossel in Saratoga Springs, New York

Safety at Target

I enjoyed my time as Safety Jim at T-579. Please give any Safety questions, comments, concerns that we should discuss.

o.k.--thanks-- in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 125 months ago

target pharmacies - 2 Replies

Target is one of the worst companies to work for. They hire a half-assed staff, (tech wise) who can barely cashier. They put more stress on the ones...

nichole in Scotland, Arkansas

Updated 126 months ago

lunch periods - 3 Replies

ok i don't get the whole clock out before the 5th hour begins to take ur lunch I HAVE NO IDEA HOW IT WORKS and here in cali if u get 2 mistakes than...

Hank Smith, Jr.

Updated 126 months ago

Hi I'm Pukio - 1 Reply

Target Pharmacy was a waste of my experience of medical school education.

blueeyes in Park Ridge, Illinois

321_439_6040 where do i start

I dont even have a job

Mr.L.E.R. in Poplar Bluff, Missouri

building services and Target as a whole.

One word Micro _ management.Poorly at that and i am glad that I took the severance package after a great performavec review for the previous year...

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