2 interviews at Target but not hired on the spot?

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John22 in Sacramento, California

46 months ago

So i had applied at target a few weeks ago and they just contacted me yesterday and over the phone we had scheduled an interview for today. I went in this morning and did my first interview. I thought i had done a good job and i guess they did too because the guy told me to come back tonight for a second interview. So i went in tonight, did my second interview, and they said they would call me by the end of the week... Is it bad that i had two interviews and I didn't get hired on the spot? or is that normal?

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NeedRealjob in Saint Louis, Missouri

23 months ago

Wow. Even target is that hard now? I worked there for 2 weeks in summer 2008 as a lot associate and couldn't handle it. That June was one of the hottest we ever had. I'd be out there all day by myself with hundreds of carts. I must have lost over 15 lbs those two weeks and I got a severe sun burn. I quitted by calling in. I couldn't move out of bed that day I was burned so bad. they would never give me help on the lot and would tell me to work faster and hurry up. They also paid min wage at the time.

Terrible job and little pay. I'd stay away from there. Even Wal-Mart is paying more than Target now.

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Linda in Farmington, Michigan

22 months ago

Yes, it's normal. There is SO much paperwork with hiring people that I wouldn't worry about it. Give it a few more days, then follow up.

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izael Johnson in Newark, New Jersey

3 months ago

I went to a interview, the first one went well and so as the second one, the manager told me they will call me, I got a email today saying they are not interested and thanks for applying. my question is if you wasn't going to hire me why would you have me go to the second interview.

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jwaneeta@*****.*** in Omaha, Nebraska

1 month ago

If you want to get hired at Target, do research online about the company vision statement. Also mention their commitment to diversity and their MASSIVE corporate charity for education.

It also helps if you're in school or have a degree. They're pretty picky.

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