Applying to Target - App/Interview Questions

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MarcRobinson in Beverley Hills, California

65 months ago

I just graduated college and have a good friend who will be referring me to Target as a "campus recruit" I have a few Q's as to how to best apply, etc.

I hear as a campus recruit they want you because you are "fresh clay" so-to-speak; they can groom you to become an ideal employee. Applying as a "campus recruit" has the implication of not having work experience but the thing is, I do. I worked in a few retail jobs in high-school and college, as well as owning my own business for the last two years, paying my way through college. I understand that usual applicants do not have experience straight out of college, so it would not be unusual for me to not indicate any (or a little) prior work experience on my application.

My main question is, would disclosing this be advantageous or not?

Having worked since high-school they may not see me as "fresh clay", being a red mark on my application. Also, I have read in many job forums that self employment can be a red flag in the eyes of larger corporations. Reason being, they are typically leaders and/or self motivated, not likely to be the best candidate for following orders from HQ. The self employed are usually used to giving rather than taking orders.

I think my experience could potentially help though... I see myself nailing the typical open ended interview questions:
"Describe a situation where you had trouble with a co-worker."
"Describe a situation where you made a mistake."
"Describe a situation where you had to defend your position."

Following the STAR evaluation to a T:
ST: Situation or Task -- What lead up to the situation?
A: Action -- What did you do?
R: Result -- What effect did your actions have?

I am confident that I am a perfect candidate for Target, as I have many friends in ETL and other roles whom have given me an idea of what it takes. I don't want my ability to pay my way through college as a negative on my application. Ideas?

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