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SoUmYeah? in Acworth, Georgia

18 months ago

I was hired a few months back at Target. I was on the Logistics team.
I turned down an interview at another company ( mistake )for Target as well.

The company looks nice,acts nice but they do not care for their workers.
They will go through people without a second thought and Hire you based on a lie.
target has a "90 day" policy that pretty much gives them the power to hire anyone,
use them and get rid of them no questions asked. You will not know until the end of your shift
and boom they get rid of you.

If your lucky you will get maybe 8 hours a week for 3+weeks training period. Pay is every 2 weeks.

But now to my story. I was hired as night shift stock. So I was pretty much there at the store
from 3am-12 or 1pm the next day. I was extremely excited and rather eager to work for Target. I showed up 15 mins early everyday. Always dressed correctly and had no problem staying after work if they needed
more help. I never called out, never missed a shift. I was a College student at the same time and did just fine. I was eager to move up to other positions as well.

If me and my partner had 3 hours to complete a section, we would get it done in half the time. While the other team members were busy talking and goofing I was working. I would rearrange and restock the shelves to get things to fit while others just left them around. if I found an error I would fix it.
I made sells during the morning and helped out greatly ( though I never went around bragging). I was the Guy who did his job no matter who was looking.

Well anyways right near the end of my 90 days after being told plenty of times how great a worker I was and so forth they just fired me. They hired seasonal workers, trained them then let me go at the end of my 90 day period. Target was behind during the back to school season, they hired me and 2 others passed their inspection,trained seasonal and then got rid of us. They never hired us saying that we were Temps.

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SoUmYeah? in Acworth, Georgia

18 months ago

The week beforehand I was even offered more hours. I stayed later and was being cross trained.
Then they call me in after of course working me the entire shift and getting everything they were behind on done and then told me I wasn't a good enough worker or fast enough. While We always finish our shifts everyday early and I worked even faster than our managers and they pull a BS line like that on me.

40% plus of the night workers were out of shape, Old and simply sat around talking and then they fire the able workers? Only difference, I was a 90day and they were working there before some of the managers.

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Nope in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

16 months ago

What do you mean they just fired you after 90 days? That doesnt make any sense and technically they cannot do that. Did you sign things when you were hired? Target cannot and will not flat out fire you for no reason whatsoever. I worked as Flow/Br team lead for a few years, while I agree the company sucks and I would never recommend anyone ever to work for them, they actually cannot just fire you, its actually one of the worst things about Target, is that horrible workers can keep their job as long as they play the game correctly. If you show up consistently and prove you are even a decent worker, they will be glad to have and exploit you. Getting fired in place of seasonal workers is something I have never heard of at Target.

I dont think your telling the whole story

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wailua in Winter Park, Florida

4 months ago

My daughter has worked for Target for 7 years since high school. she moved up slowly, never missed a day unless extremely sick, always went in when asked even on her day off. They made her a lead a year ago. she was told today that because of money they will be eliminating her position and just having one lead for two depts. They told her that because the other lead ( a man) has more experience and better at leading they will let her decide if she wants to step down and move to another store, or risk the possibility of being fired. My daughter is a college graduate, was looking forward to having a long career with Target but now they act as though my daughter is a nobody. I hate Target, they are no better than Walmart ......

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Ar Yu Bi Wai in Fresno, California

3 months ago

I was hired on the first week of March, and my very first day to work is a week after the orientation.

On my training day, my day started with an alcohol test on the computer, and the spill-cleanup test. After that, I was passed a paperwork, which they told me to give my trainer. I said "I'm not sure who Wenda (my trainer) is." And to their surprise, they said, "oh you havent met her yet??!!"

Anyway, moving forward, so I met with my trainer when she was going back to her checkstand from the restroom. We introduced each other, and so on.

She had me read the booklet that they handed me when I was taking the alcohol test.
It took me about 10 mins to review them since I've already read it when I was in the computer area.

Then she had me watch her do checkout on 2-3 guests(customers).
After that, she put me on the checkstand.

I got on her checkstand, and she was watching me for about 10-15 mins. Few mins later there's alot of customers so we needed more cashiers. She jumped on one of the checkstands, leaving me alone, when I was supposed to being trained.

On the following days I was working, I kept blinking my light, which indicated that I need assistance. And most of the things I learned that was supposed to be told during training, I learned from experience myself.

For example, nobody showed me how to remove the spider-locks that go around expensive items like vacuum. I kept asking help for that, and every time, I tell them that "nobody told me how to do it" and I hope that they would show me I try to watch them how to do it but I couldnt see good by the way they hold it, because they dont try to show me. Finally 2 days before they let me go somebody finally showed me how to do it.

On my last week I was finally getting the hang of how things go there since I've just learned almost everything from my own. Today they let me go becuz I "dont meet their expectations." :(

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Ar Yu Bi Wai in Fresno, California

3 months ago


They let me go only after 3 weeks of working there....Not even a month :(
That seemed to me that they couldn't wait to get rid of me...which is so sad.

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Mel in Charlotte, North Carolina

6 days ago

Thank god I didn't even get hired. Target was a mess from the beginning which is sad because I love shopping there. They called me to tell me I'd have a phone interview a certain day and time, that they would call me and ask me a few questions and I happily agreed. That day comes around, 9:30 am they said they'd call me. Nothing, 30 min later, nothing. I had to call MYSELF and ask about the interview, when they put the manager on the phone she apologized and said she forgot my interview and that she'd call me in an hour. They asked me some questions (which I studied before hand and answered exceptionally) then she told me they'd call me back to schedule a face to face interview. They called me back 2 days later and told me to come in Monday. A few hours later, a guy calls me and asks me if I could come Friday for the interview which was weird and I told him someone already scheduled the interview with me and he apologized and said he wasn't informed. I was already getting bad vibes at how poorly this company functioned. Monday comes along and I show up 10 minutes early, 2 hours later I'm STILL waiting for the manager to interview me, she finally did and it was basically the same questions as the phone interview. She asked my availability and told me she'd call me back to let me know when we could start training, I was so excited thinking I got the job (I even turned down another job offer for this) then the next morning I receive an email not a call, an EMAIL at 6 am saying "we are unable to offer you a position at this time. Thank you for your interest in target". I was so broken, and mad. These people are not professional whatsoever and I really have less respect for target now. That was the first interview where I didn't get the job. Target sucks.

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