Raises; how much, and how often?

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Alexander Frank in Gresham, Oregon

69 months ago

I just got hired at Target as a member of the In-Stock team, but my first day isn't until the 19th. My starting pay rate is $8.65 which is a lot lower than I was expecting since minimum wage in Oregon isn't much less than that. So how do raises work at Target?

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Justin J in somewhereinUSA

68 months ago

8.65 an hour is actually right on for that area with min wage being 8.40. You are in a Paygrade 5 postion (.25 cents more then minimum wage. Paygrade 7 (backroom) is .50 cents more then minimum wage, and paygrade 9 (Specialist) is One dollar more then min. wage. A teamlead position which i think is paygrade 11 is 3 dollars more then minmium wage and Sr. Team lead which i dunno if it even has a paygrade is 1 dollar more then a TL. Execs are on a salary. I worked at target for a few years, but left awhile ago.

Raises are pretty easy to come by. They do them in April of every year. THey can be as high as like 60 cents but as low as like 8 cents (for a paygrade 3-7 team member) depending upon your yearly review and how many months you worked in the year.

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0371 in Edison, New Jersey

68 months ago

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Alexander Frank in Gresham, Oregon

68 months ago

Thanks a bunch! I'm liking Target very much, the people here are probably the most friendly and supporting out of any establishment I've ever worked for.

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penny 13 in gardendale, Alabama

68 months ago

you are wrong on the lowest raise it can be as low as 5 cents. I know because i work at target and a few people i know got 5 cents

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tgtfl! in North Port, Florida

33 months ago


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BocoCorwin in Oak Creek, Wisconsin

33 months ago

? ... Uh huh. Thanks!

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GrannyGarbonzo in Loveland, Ohio

33 months ago

BocoCorwin in Oak Creek, Wisconsin said: I just got my 90 review and was told only good thing. Very hard worker, motivated, punctual, work safely, good appearance, etc. When I asked about raises, I was told that only one member in each department is given a raise. When I inquired who was typically given a raise and was I naive to assume my hard work would be rewarded with a raise? (I started at $8.00/ hr - WI minimum wage is $7.25/hr; I work on the FLOW team aka unloading truck and stocking entire store by 8 am - admittedly the most strenuous job at the store) I was told that the LOD (Leader on Duty aka department manager)almost always receive the raise and that I shouldn't "plan on getting any sort of raise any time soon." This was from an HR rep. Target's a joke. The only employees that I talk to that like their job there don't NEED the job; it's just "shopping money." I've gone through 2 shirts and 2 pairs of pants from working in the back room. Target doesn't provide any funds for uniforms, which I don't understand (they have a brand name clothing line - they couldn't even give us a discount?).

I'm sorry your experience has been so bad at Target. Mine really has been wonderful. I couldn't ask for a better team to work with. In my store, I have worked in many departments including the Flow Team. I know you work very hard. My experience has been that as long as the employees work hard and try to put forth a positive attitude, nearly everyone gets a raise. In fact, I haven't ever heard of anyone who has been with the company the required length of time NOT receiving a raise. Some may get more than others based on performance, but as far as I know everyone gets some kind of raise. If your store is different, then perhaps it hasn't been very profitable or you really need a new HR!!

Good luck to you. Maybe you should look to another store near you for an open position????

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Tony Batelli in New York, New York

2 months ago

I've been a Sales Floor Associate for six months (as of 3 weeks ago) and was told this week that I got a raise of .75/hr, bringing me to $9/hr. I was told it will shoq on next weeks check, and is retroactive back to the six month anniversary date. I wasn't expecting this - I like it, but just not expecting it. I was told on hire that raises were annually in April, and I was hired 2 weeks after those raises took place, so I was under the impression I had to wait a year for the first raise. I guess not!

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