Target Interview Questions.

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It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview process like at Target?

Any advice on striking the right note?

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john in Poplar Bluff, Missouri

123 months ago

yeah. that's what i wanna know. i want a promotion to a level 2, and am worried about the type of questions i will be asked. anyone know anything about it?

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havedoneit in Las Vegas, Nevada

111 months ago

I have gone through the same type of interview......4 hours with HR and three hours with hiring manager, Director.

Still waiting to hearing the results.

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havedoneit in Las Vegas, Nevada

110 months ago

Atlast after a week, the HR called me with NO THANK YOU.

I tried for Manager position in IT.

The best to get hired is through reference or if you have worked as a consultant. The main thing for me i applied for the job at Target is, the company taking care of RELOCATION. They would move everything rite from home to car. But anyhow did not get it because the other person had someone referred inside TARGET itself.

So if trying for Managerial position its better have someone to refer inside TARGET or local to MN.

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104 months ago

I have an interview on the 10th for general responsapiblities...scanning items, restocking shelves, etc. Does anyone know what questions will be asked??

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justmeinillinois in far northern burbia, Illinois

102 months ago

I got all kinds of STUPID questions NOT related to the job title offered.What would you do if...blah-blah-blah.
DUMB H.R. departments and DUMBASS corporation questions.
Can't remember the questions but NONE we're related to the job so i thought while sitting there....what a waste of my time listening to DUMB questions.
YES! I was in fact perfect for the job opening but...ASK ME QUESTIONS RELATED TO THE JOB OFFERED like...what is my experiance,have i ever repaired this or that...okay get the idea.
Guess if your not a kid with pants hanging down to your ankles they don't want you.
HR departments are a waste of time when they do not ask anything related to the job.I went through 2 interviews and they really liked me,i heard them say that but...3rd time the final guy doesn't seem to care about abilities for the job just,lame questions as i said above.I had to tell him my abilities and then it's like he didn't care about that,well...don't you want someone for the job that is qualified for the job!!!!!
Apply there if you must and your a kid otherwise go elsewhere and hope they too go under.NO...not happy about any of the process they put you through.And let's not forget the stupid questions the computer ask's you in the kiosk even though i sent a resume and got called within 10 minutes those questions must have been made up by a moron.
ALSO....they will run a credit and background on you in most cases so if your like me and not so A+++++ in credit then forget about getting hired do the kids w/o any credit get the jobs...Hmmmm,unfair practices we think. all you HR departments wasting our time...PLEASE at least say yes or no on the job opening(s),we DO NOT have time to wait on your final answer,let us know right then and there,we are looking for work out here ya know!!!
I feel for everyone who has to endure an HR interview when questions have nothing to do with the offered job or get's no response about the job.

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Olly Tabooger in Houston, Texas

98 months ago

And why you left your previous job.
What are your strengths/weaknesses?
What would a former employer say about you?
What would you change about previous jobs?
Presentation skills?

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SRG in Glendale, California

50 months ago

Well, I just completed the four week interview process and I did not get the job. I'm 27, Military Veteran with an MBA and apparently I am not qualified enough. Funny enough, I was referred to Target by a current employee who is an ETL and he has a High School Diploma and no other experience beside being in target for the last few years. I'm not exactly sure what they're looking for but apparently not leadership experience or an education. I've been the Operations Officer at a company the last three years as well as heading up my own Non-Profit for vets, but I do not have enough experience to be an ETL. I have a Master's with specific emphasis in Management as well as being Human Resource Certified; but I am not qualified to be an ETL at Target. It boggles my mind; I know they're looking for that special person that can fit the role of a team leader, but if I'm not qualified enough, I don't know how I'll ever be. Perhaps when I receive my Doctorate in Business I'll be qualified. I guess we'll see. If you're a Target rep, it'd be great to hear a response as to why you think I may not have been hired. Thanks

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honesttruth in Ellicott City, Maryland

18 months ago

I am sorry but when I hear responses of people complaining and being ignorant on the website that is maybe why you weren't hired. Just a thought-attitude has a lot to do with whether a company will hire you or not and if you are complaining and tearing up the thread with harsh things to say well that is why you didn't get hired.

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