Target is what you make it.

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willwood in Angier, North Carolina

123 months ago

I am currently an In-Stock team Lead @ Target. There are many days I hate my job, but on the other hand there are alot of days I love it. Working there and being happy depends on what job you have, who you work with, and the volume of business your store does. It's just as simple as that. It comes down to this... If you don't like it, get another job. It's just retail, not rocket science.

Jeff Sloan in Dallas, Texas

94 months ago

I have been with target for a little over 3 years now here is my take on it. As a TM "Team Member" which is the lowest on the pole, you have to take the crap as it is passed from the top. The Corporate wigs come to your store not knowing how it is to actually work there telling the STL "Store Team Lead" what needs to be changed, they email it to their ETL's "Executive Team Leads", they email it to their TL's "Team Leads", then the TL's bash it to the TM's. Working for Target is all about politics, Whoever makes their boss look the best gets recognition and promoted while the other people who do not brown nose get punished. As a TM you get paid slave wages for all the things you have to do and what is expected of you. The Yearly reviews are a bunch of BS that don't really reflect the trueness of the people, they are merely a smoke screen because corporate tells each STL that they have a certain allowance to hand out as raises and to make the reviews match their budget. The only thing that is true about target is their motto, Expect more pay less: Expect more out of your workers and pay them less...

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