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What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are inevitable?

How does Teledyne stack up against the competition?

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Jack in Torrance, California

92 months ago

Teledyne Controls, Based in El Segundo, had layoffs in the first week of November 2008 of about 5%. This included people that were in satellite offices in Minnesota and Wichita. Some of the people laid off had more than 10 years at Teledyne Controls.

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jack in Torrance, California

91 months ago

It looks like the situation at Teledyne Controls is getting worse by the day, Boeing announced that they will be pushing off delivery of two of their products by a year and there is further speculation that they may just cancel the two program altogether. These two programs are critical for Teledyne Controls.

The general manager at Controls is significantly lacking in the ability to successfully lead this company except in the best of times. He keeps putting people in charge of programs that have a history of failure and not just of some of the programs they managed but all of them yet this person keeps getting promoted. He has no leadership skills whatsoever and there is no accountability or consequences when managers fail. This company is like a third world country and has no business being around with their antiquated and archaic methodologies.

There is further speculation that there will be significant layoffs in early 2009 and this was before the Boeing plans to push out/or possibly cancel their projects.

It is obvious that they are having significant cash problems because they are doing things to the employees such as taking 5 to 6 months to reimburse for travel, forcing them to take extra time off during the holidays.

There is a real problem with management and one of the significant problems is that they do not know the steps to develop systems both electronic development and software development and they don't seem to care. They also have a very bad reputation with customers, they can't perform to schedules and there products don't work to customer satisfaction and they don't care to about the customer whatsoever.

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j vdrblt in California

91 months ago

ur right! This company is like a third world country...
management's disgusted! hr tolerates favoritism ...

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jack in Torrance, California

88 months ago

It looks like the predictable escalating problems at Teledyne Controls continue.

There are talks of the following to reduce costs:

-More, and probably significant,layoffs in March of 2009
-32 hour work week
-shutdown periods of a couple weeks or more

I guess this is expected with the economy the way it is but the problem is significantly compounded by complete lack of competent and engaged management.

I would guess that the chance of Teledyne Controls surviving is not good unless the economy improves quickly.

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dave in Oceanside, California

87 months ago

More layoffs today. It looks like about 14 more people got canned today (3/12/09) some of which were there for barely 6 months and some were there for a long time.

Not a good place to work...

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Larry in San Diego, California

87 months ago

One of the worst places I have ever worked. Stay away unless you are desperate and only stay there until you find something else, which is what I did. Most people, not all, are as incompetent as can be, both engineers and management, especially upper management. HR department is a joke, a really bad joke. Products are a joke and poorly designed.

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jackmadow in torrance, California

83 months ago

Teledyne Controls also shutdown their Wichita facility where most of their electronic design was performed. I guess they are not expecting to do much electronic design which seems a little strange for a company whose products are all based on electronics.

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