What's the company culture at Terracon?

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Every business has its own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Terracon?

Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or full-on suits? Do folks get together for Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers?

What is a typical day in the life of an employee at Terracon?

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geodave in Fort Collins, Colorado

26 months ago

Desperation. You'd like to get home to spend time with your family but you have to wash your clothes and grab a nap before the 4 am pour tomorrow. An hour of "paperwork", not compensated. Commute 30+ miles, in your own vehicle since work trucks don't go home. Keep your phone on, you might get a call at 10 pm telling you the plan is changing and you need to be at the office at 3 am to pick up more equipment.

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Terror-con in Grand Prairie, Texas

25 months ago

I agree with geodave. Terracon is to the environmental and geotechnical industry what Taco Bueno is to the restaurant industry. They are cheap, treat their people like expendable crap and have some very lousy clients. Individual offices are largely run with no corporate oversight and the bonus and salary structure incentivized lying and cheating by managers. Terracon constantly promotes employee ownership and demonstrates its value via private audit not unlike Arthur Anderson did for Enron. Their master service agreement won't allow them to take responsibility for any work and if clients try to share reports they have already paid for, Terracon will not stand behind the work unless a 3rd party reliance charge has been paid. Terracon demands of its employees that all be evolved with marketing and business development in order to replace those clients that wise up an ultimately fire them. Employees successful in bringing in new work receive no tangible reward and commissions are not even considered.
bottom line : go find a better place to work!

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B-Ball in Alabama

25 months ago

I interviewed with these jokers a year or so ago, I made up my mind that I had no interest in the job within 5 minutes in to the interview. The guy I interviewed with was obviously a corporate climber type jerk, the office was in shambles and it was apparent that everyone working there was miserable (most likely because of that corporate climber)

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T Bar in Dallas, Texas

20 months ago

I did my time there too. They were rolling out their new safety program and were looking for suggestions and feedback. Having worked for a company that actually took safety seriously, I made a few suggestions that "GASP", cost money to implement! Guess how many were used? Zero.

Was amused when the office director had a 45 minute discussion at a staff meeting to discuss when we should bring the drill crew in for their introduction to the safety program. 45 minutes! One one hand, they didn't want to bring them in from the field because it would hurt productivity. On the other, they wanted to have it on a Saturday so they would get them there. Another suggestion was to rent a meeting room, but that was going to cost too much....you get the picture. Rather than meet with the geotech boss to resolve the conflict, we had to sit there and endure the circular discussion that only showed how cheap the office manager was.

And there are many more stories.

Bottom line: You are going to be expected to work more than 40 hours a week. They will not want to pay you overtime for over 40 hours. They are going to want you to be 100% chargable, and market as needed. When you are spending 45 minutes a week discussing safety meetings, you get the picture.

If you need an entry level consultant job, this is a good company to work for. You will learn. If you are a seasoned consultant, it will be a grind. Because unless you are a partner, you will be treated like meat.

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