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What do you think - will The Law Offices of Daniel C. Consuegra grow fast? Are they expanding their staff? How does The Law Offices of Daniel C. Consuegra stack up against the competition?

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Felix in Tampa, Florida

49 months ago

No ethics, no respect, very low employee’s morale, the highest turn out in the city.
Job not bad, but they don't give you time, and an opportunity to learn about it. Instead you get very high work volume. No fun and nothing relaxing about that place; nothing enjoyable...Some co-workers are very nice, but most of them don't have chance to survive... Others don't talk to you and you don't have time to talk to them. You can feel stress all over. New management from sales with flaunting authority doesn't have clue about jobs in law. There decisions are based on gossip and favoritism. They smile to you, but stub you in your back...This is how many good people lost their jobs. If you are not friend with management you don't have chance to keep your job. Favoritism curtains. Some employees with long seniority are making many mistakes, but they are good friends with managers. Good workers are not recognized, but killed if others cheat on them.
Very weird working place; performs unethically for low pay, and extremely large amount of work...

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Extremely disappointed in Tampa, Florida

48 months ago

Favoritism, favoritism, favoritism! No ethics, no respect, bullying, lie and gossip.
Rumors, innuendo and blatant chitchat followed.
Hard workers not given credit they deserve; most of them try to stay with the company in hopes of promotion. Good luck!
Bad leads; management has very poor work ethics. Some very nasty managers and attorneys.
That workplace is genuinely at loss with how to deal with workplace bullying. Rotation very high. Zero opportunity to advance.

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Happy now in Tampa, Florida

48 months ago

Go there if you need someone to screw up your career.
It’s not a typical law firm. I worked in four of them; two were in Louisiana. Some were downsizing, but those gave all workers nice severance packages besides the bonuses they paid... Other Law Firms I know want to be viewed as an equal to their peers. From that law firm you will get no equity, low pay, zero bonuses and zero compensation… of course, besides the kick off. In my family I do have lawyers’ relatives, I was thinking for while about going to the law school. My attorneys' say that Law schools teach students legal ethics in many different ways. But a group moral component should be defined by some as a law firm ethic, culture, or attitude. Here don't know about it. Workplaces don’t need to start a war but they should be guided on how to take a collaborative, problem-solving approach to deal with.
Finally, I am happy; after that all bad experiences I decided to change my career. It wasn't easy but...

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Ashamed to Work Here in Brandon, Florida

41 months ago

I'm ashamed to work in place like this. BANKS BEWARE OF THE BORDERLINE-MALPRACTICE of this place. The firm is only concerned about getting $ for filing the initial complaint, after that they can care less what happens to the case. Most of which get dismissed for lack of prosecution or just don't get touched for months at a time simply because no one cares. No plan is in place to ensure the cases are being worked on and managed properly. There is widespread outright, intentional negligence of all the cases. It's the perfect place to work to make a paycheck and do absolutely nothing!

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Mary inTampa in Tampa, Florida

41 months ago

Some of what Ashamed said is true. Some is incorrect. I applied there in Brandon several years ago. I did not get hired. Three others did.

What I saw: I the place is a factory, with desks cubicles (lots of cubicles). Each employee has a specific job. The files are not touched simply because their firm is to file the initial Complaint, and that's it. At that point, usually the bank tries to work with the homeowner for modification or to short sell.

But that factory has so many files, even if something is supposed to be done, there is just too many files (foreclosures) that the firm has to process. It's a factory, not a litigation firm. Eventually the work will end, and the workers will be let go.

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