Tilted Kilt Interview Questions.

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It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview process like at Tilted Kilt?

Any advice on striking the right note?

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kmyns in Browns Mills, New Jersey

28 months ago

Rude and unprofessional Interviewer/Manager

I go in at around 2:30pm, as their ad said to come in between 2-4pm for an immediate interview. I had done my research before and was prepared to have to change into a uniform and do an interview dressed in it, as all the other interviewees here have written.

To my surprise, the manager wasn't even there. She was late. The supervisor asked me to wait, which I did, while filling out the paper application.

I waited about 30 mins-40 mins, which is ridiculous. 30-40 mins later, in came a grumpyarse, fake blonde woman. The manager was about an hour late. As soon as she came in, she didn't even introduce herself to me, but went to this corner table just looking at a bunch of papers angrily after dismissing the supervisor rudely. I was shocked, b/c all the head managers I worked under in the past have been nothing but kind and personable. Clearly, she lacks in professional and social skills. People like that never go really far.

While I was waiting for the manager to get there, I was chatting with the Cook on break and also the supervisor. The supervisor asked me some questions then went back to work. The Cook told me a lot about what it's like there and the job and how a lot of the girls are immature and don't do their job there. They were both extremely friendly and nice people.

The Cook's break was interrupted by the manager who YELLED his name from across the room, beckoning him to come. She literally just yelled "NAME!!!!". The Cook looked at me and said he has to go and walked to her begrudgingly. That was extremely unprofessional, especially with other customers there, few as they were. I was appalled.

She then gestured me to come. No words, just gesturing, like I'm her dog who's supposed to run to her. She disingenuously brushed off being late saying she has "a million things to do." I wanted the interview to go well, so I offered nothing but smiles and genuine friendliness.

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kmyns in Browns Mills, New Jersey

28 months ago

The interview did not even last 5 minutes. It must've been 3 minutes. She just glanced at my resume, which I brought, and my application. Recognized that I had restaurant experience. She didn't even ask me anything other than my age (which is an illegal interview question). She didn't even *once* look at my face while interviewing me, but down at the paper. She didn't tell me to wear the uniform, which I know to be the protocol for every other branch in the U.S. In sum, she didn't do her job.

Her two interview questions were: Are you 18? Are you 21?

I put *ANY* availability for *EVERYDAY OF THE WEEK* except *ONE* weekday morning. I thought I had this job offer in the bag, because I am young, attractive, experienced, friendly, and smart. The fact that she decided not to even give me a full, fair interview and have me try on a uniform, just goes to show her racism. When I was there, there were no minorities (except the cook) and all white girls. If you read other interview experiences online, you will see that there are many Tilted Kilt managers who are racist and/or disrespectful. Whatever happened to EEO? Well, anyway, seeing as this interviewer asked me 2 illegal interview questions and passed that off as an interview, um, clearly EEO is not of her concern.

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kmyns in Browns Mills, New Jersey

28 months ago

I called 2 weeks after my interview, to ask about the status of my application. The manager told me she'd let me know in a week, but I wanted to confirm whether or not I got the job. She tells me she'll keep my application on file (which means no), and that they won't need new employees 'til the summer (which is a lie). If they don't need new servers til the summer, why is the craigslist ad up? And why did she not contact me at all in the past 2 weeks instead of the promised 1 week. This, added with the evident cursory "interview" if you can even call it that, clearly means, she had no intention of even giving me a chance at the job at all.

This place (hamilton, nj) also just opened this year, so I don't recommend working here anyway. It will be a while before they get a solid customer base, so it'll be harder for you to earn tips until they get more renowned in the area. Also, people in Hamilton-Trenton area aren't exactly well-off.

In retrospect, I am glad I did not get an offer. I would not even want to work for such a rude manager who treats her employees, supervisor and the head cook, like ish.

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