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Updated 5 days ago

The hiring process... - 10 Replies

[QUOTE who="seanB2890 in Bronx, New York"]I too have recently applied for time Warner, and also attended their job fair on Wednesday November 18th. I...

A Potential Employee

Updated 14 days ago

Horrible HR skills - 8 Replies

I feel that the HR people try to look for ANY possible excuse to not accept you. I went through the entire interview process, (2 interviews in a...


Updated 1 month ago

Can you purchace your own cable box and use it w/ your cable? - 18 Replies

I have Time Warner Cable TV. The plan I am on is called the (Starter Package). I have NO box or any other additional equipment. The cable just...

O in NC

Updated 3 months ago

Interview process at Time Warner - 28 Replies

I pled guilty to poss of a controlled substance in 1996, while in MI. I have not been in trouble since. College grad, stable work history, no other...


TWC Background

I just wanted to know if the background is state wide or nation wide?

Need A job in Batavia, New York

Customer Service phone interview

If you did not get an offer for a face-to-face interview after the phone interview, is that game over? I did really well, the only thing I did was...

cauliflower9 in East Los Angeles, California

Updated 7 months ago

pay - 3 Replies

What day does twc get paid

Kcoldiron in Grove City, Ohio

Updated 7 months ago

Hiring Process - 3 Replies

I received a call from the hiring recruit, asked a couple of questions and asked if I would like to have an interview and i said yes!. I had my...

retention rep in Austin, Texas

Updated 8 months ago


I've been hired I. Austin. What are the April paydays so I can budget? What kinda canle/intern do I get for free?

D smith in Uxbridge, Massachusetts

Updated 16 months ago

TWC, pretrial DUI, and criminal background checks - 2 Replies

My roommate just got offered a job as a retention representative for TWC, but is currently in a pre trial diversion program for a DUI. He already...

metalheadlover in Greensboro, North Carolina

Updated 16 months ago

Background check question - 4 Replies

I have a phone interview scheduled for a Customer Service position for TWC. However, 4 years ago I plead guilty to a misdemeanor theft charge and I...

peggycraft in Greensboro, North Carolina

Updated 18 months ago

Pre-Screening Questionnaire will not load - stops application process - 1 Reply

Is anyone else having this problem?

C in Rochester, New York

Updated 19 months ago

How do you know if you passed the twc assessment test? - 2 Replies

Please let me know anyone how do you know if you passed the assessment test? For time Warner cable?

Nick in Cleveland, Ohio

Updated 19 months ago

How Often to Time Warner Employees get paid? - 1 Reply

Hearing too many lies about when the pay days are - so when would a Full Time Network Analyst actually be paid?

darkjedixl in New York

Retail Sales Specialist Average Commission?

I've currently have 2 job offers and was wondering if anyone knows of the average commission of the Retail Sales Specialists in store get. Thanks for...

need help in Los Angeles, California

Updated 20 months ago

Not getting bonuses due to false scoring? - 5 Replies

hey guys I'm a twc installer and im wondering if this is happening to just me or others.. my clients who rate me a 10 on the survey shows up as a...

Cf in Englewood, Ohio

Service installation questions

I have an interview for service installation tomorrow. I had a phone interview and was told I would be working 4 days 10 hours a week. Which sounds...

mike in Ridgewood, New York

Updated 26 months ago

Time Warner Cable v.s. CableVision - 3 Replies

I am thinking about joining the T.W.C team. I received a call today from a company recruiter. He explained the details of the job and the company. I...

JP89 in Astoria, New York

Technician 1 Installer Interview, What to expect?

Anyone know what to expect from the tech 1 installer interview at twc? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Ujjal Sen in Kolkata, India

Updated 30 months ago

TWC Interview Process - 4 Replies

I need real answers, what is their hiring process like? I received an email that they were interested and would like to set up a phone interview....

Beanie in Walden, New York

Updated 30 months ago



Al the Student in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 31 months ago

How to get a job at Time Warner Cable. - 18 Replies

Do you work at Time Warner Cable? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

Tattooed in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 36 months ago

Time Warner Cable - 3 Replies

Hi! I am looking for employment currently. I like the call center/customer service feild just becasue that is where my experience stems...

Cable Vetran in New York, New York

Updated 46 months ago

What's the company culture at Time Warner Cable? - 15 Replies

Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Time Warner Cable? Are people dressed in business casual,...

PUNKIN in Cleveland, Ohio

Updated 47 months ago

TWC NC??? Beware! - 1 Reply

Questions to ask during a TWC interview: How many management changes have there been in the last 5 years? How often do you change your commission...

PUNKIN in Cleveland, Ohio

Updated 48 months ago

Weekly Or Bi Weekly - 2 Replies

Does Time Warner Employees Get Paid Weekly Or Bi Weekly? in NY?

funder guy in Plainview, New York

Updated 49 months ago

time warner cable inside sales - 2 Replies

Hello, I was recently hired as an inside sales rep at time warner cable in NYC. Can any one out there give me an idea of the commission that inside...

Colored_FA in pheonix, Arizona

Updated 50 months ago

Please Help! TWC Customer Svc & Sales Rep Interview this THURSDAY! Immediate assistance, Please! - 1 Reply

I applied for the customer service & sales rep position for time warner cable and took the assessment. I was later contacted for a phone interview...

babyflacks2 in Kansas City, Missouri

Time Warner Cable Previsor Assessment

I submitted an application for TWC Tier III High Speed Specialist job, got an invitation for a Previsor assessment. There was a four part on the...

Stevo1 in Durham, North Carolina

Updated 76 months ago

Time Warner Cable Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits. - 7 Replies

What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Time Warner Cable? What do you like best about working at...

MRClueuin in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 76 months ago

Time Warner Cable News and Happenings. - 10 Replies

What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are...

Tasha Wallace in Concord, North Carolina

Updated 81 months ago

I have a interview scheluded for time warner to become a field technician what are they going to ask at the interview - 3 Replies

Im only 19 what will help me get a job as field technician i have my drivers license for 6 months and it has a clean record. What are they going to...

Lizzy16 in Stamford, Connecticut

time warner cable growth slows down and lay offs follow

time warner cable is also laying off workers it seems. According to the Bismarck Tribune Online, they are cutting 1250 jobs, in order to cut costs as...

SeanTesh in Herndon, Virginia

Updated 83 months ago

Time Warner Cable Interview Questions. - 2 Replies

It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview...

EAD in Austin, Texas

Direct Sales Representative Position

Can anyone that currently does this job or has in the past, give me some information about this position. What is the job like? What is the pay like?...

JJR in Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Updated 92 months ago

Public Access - 1 Reply

Anyone know how to get a public access show on TW?

Dianne Lynch in Rochester, New York

Updated 99 months ago

Hiring, Training, and Turnover - 1 Reply

How did you get hired in their Call Center? What type of training do they put you through? How bad is the turnover?

Larry in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 100 months ago

Horrible Job Design Its like the 1800's - 1 Reply

If you like working 9 day straight workweeks. (on-call) If you like rotating shifts of 8-5 & 12-9 and working weekends. If you like climbing poles...

InstructionalDesigner in Charlotte, North Carolina

What is it like to be an instructional designer for TW?

Correct posting without errors: There have been several job postings for instructional designers at Time Warner in Charlotte. Insight about these...

InstructionalDesigner in Charlotte, North Carolina

What is it like to be an instructional designer for TW?

There have been several job postings for instructional desginers at Time Warner in Charlotte. Insight about these positions is appreciated! Details...

bill in cicero ny in Pennellville, New York

please look elsewhere

If you like nazi germany you will love Timid Warner.

Howie Appel in Lake Mary, Florida

Updated 105 months ago

crazy website - 1 Reply

the recruiting coordinator position is not posted on their website. one day it was posted, the next day it was gone.

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