Horrible HR skills

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Jeffrey Domingo in Austin, TX in Austin, Texas

116 months ago

If you're applying at Time Warner Cable beware they like to string you along for months. They say you made it to the very top of the cut and make it sound you're the one they will select only to fill the position with an internal hire.

If you want to work for them, great. But it does seem like you have to know someone to get in there.

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latoya in Bedford, Texas

115 months ago

I don't know any one and I got a interview 7 days later of applying.

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114 months ago

THE HR PEOPLE THAT WORK AT THIS COMPANY IS VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. I had an inteview with them, and the first thing the recruiter said to me when we met was "I meant to call you last week, because after reviewing your resume I find that you are over qualified for this position". She had enough time to tell me I was over qualified for the job, since we spoke three times prior to the interview. I decided to go through with the interview to get the feel of the company. During the interview the phone rang and this lady was telling someone off on the phone while we were in the middle of the interview. After the interview I sent her a "thank you letter", and the follwong week I did not hear from them so I decided to call her and ask the status of the recruitment process. To my surprise the phone just kept on ringing, it did not go to voice mail or transferred to another number. After several attempt to reach her and her phone just rang out, I realized that this is not s place I would like to work.

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Josh in Canon City, Colorado

67 months ago

I'm sorry to hear that others had a bad experience.

Just to lend a different opinion, I had a superb experience with the TWC HR department. I was assigned a helpful representative who provided great info and was available whenever I needed him.

(Full disclosure, I just completed the onboarding process and will be starting with the company soon. This didn't affect my comment either way, but just to be clear.)

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boulder440 in Boulder, Colorado

56 months ago

Good Luck Josh. TWC is the worse place I've ever worked

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FreeHatH in Syracuse, New York

44 months ago

boulder440 in Boulder, Colorado said: Good Luck Josh. TWC is the worse place I've ever worked

Couldn't agree more.

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Time Warner Cable ex-employee in New Kensington, Pennsylvania

44 months ago

Overall TWC was a great place to work. For some reason, they seem to hold onto employees for forever, so you'll notice their HR department is extremely slow and old school. If you have ambition, you usually use TWC as a stepping stone to your next role. It's a place holder for a getting to a better paying job. Just be patient through the interview process.

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Ex Employee in Dayton, Ohio

17 months ago

FreeHatH in Syracuse, New York said: Couldn't agree more.
I agree!

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A Potential Employee in Los Angeles, California

11 months ago

I feel that the HR people try to look for ANY possible excuse to not accept you. I went through the entire interview process, (2 interviews in a single day) and told I got the job. 2 days later I heard back from the recruiter to make the formal offer. I accepted of course. I did ask if I could wait a couple days to complete the drug test only because I'd just become unemployed and my start date for TWC wasn't for another month which meant I'd have NO INCOME for a month while I waited. I needed the extra two days because I needed to apply for public assistance to have SOME money to get me through for the month that I would be unemployed, and it is a long process. I also needed to make sure I would at least have busfare to get to the drug testing site for the test. I didn't really say all of this to her, but I asked if there was any way we could wait till Monday.

She said no, because the offer starts from the time of the phone call and there is no way to put it on hold; it gets time-stamped from the time of the offer and you're allowed 48 hours to complete everything, so I was cool with that. I was still going to make it happen with or without the extra time allotment. No problem. Anyway, about an hour later, I get an email claiming that the offer has been rescinded and she claims the reason for the rescission is that based on our conversation, it does not support that I'd be able to commit to the 9 weeks of training that wouldn't be for a month from now.

To me, it comes off as extremely shady. She didn't even allow me the proper 48 hours as originally discussed, before rescinding the offer. Another friend of mine said he got did the same way, she basically looked for any reason she could to not take him.

It frustrates me that I went through all that trouble to get the job, only to be told I now didn't get the job. I really want to know if there is any way to contact her superiors. If anyone knows, please feel free to post it here. I'd appreciate it.

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