Unfairness and favoritism

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d in Irving, Texas

53 months ago

I literally broke my back when I was unpacking what a mgr. told me was over 1,200 cases of apparel with no help a lot of the times. (go team work). I was there 4 yrs..never made it to employee of the month despite how hard I tried and how different managers told me, your metrics are awesome. What they did reward me with was a 'Hershey' bar.(which would have been good for say 16 yr olds)? What a slap in the face that was. On the other hand....(this makes up for all the grief I had to put up with) . . a new employee got 'employee'of the month within one mouth....and I did see how she was with certain (male) managers. Well she got FIRED one month after that acknowledgement for 'stealing'. These managers are clueless as to what's going on because they lost focus of the entire picture. Too busy trying to make the almighty dollar. That's what is hurting these stores.
Also I worked long hours with no breaks...despite my pleads and despite feeling dizzy and nauseated. I went from 99 lbs to 84 lbs. They knew that...but still didn't want to give me breaks. I called the hotline to report them...the workers are still not getting breaks. Good riddance!
Texas is a right to work state, yes I know this....but my health was in jeopardy. That's not right!

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