Tradesmen International Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits.

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What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Tradesmen International?

What do you like best about working at Tradesmen International? Are there any great perks or special treats for employees?

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v8 in Tulsa, Oklahoma

107 months ago

I have worked for Tradesmen International in the Tulsa area. It is a great idea that could have wonderful potential. I say could. After working there, I will never use Tradesmen, and will tell every contractor & supervisor I know to leave them alone also. I will not reccomend them as a place to work for any level electrician. Why? Total mis-managed. Examples. I went with direct deposit on my paycheck. I was told I could e-mail my time sheets in. Great, way to do it. But,if I wanted my Earnings statement,I had to drive in to get them. Why? Tradesmen can't afford the stamps & envelopes to mail them. So I gave then some SASE's to mail my statements in. Still not coming in. Why? They don't have anyone to put them in the envelopes. Yet, there is a leggy blonde drawing a salary sitting at the front desk. Wonder what she does? Now understand, I showed up for work everyday,on time, & worked for the customer as I would want someone to work for me on one of my projects. I worked above the level of all other Tradesmen people on any job site that I was on. To the point of a supervisory position for the compaines as needed. I also completed complete rough-ins by myself for the customer. Remember, I worked in this area 31 years, a lot of people know me. I am known to be a good electrician. A lot of people working for Tradesmen started having trouble with paychecks.Examples,one man with 5 children, Tradesmen "lost" his time sheet. No money.For 2 weeks. "These things happen" was the word the office gave him. Another man went out of state for Tradesmen (Kansas). Last I knew, it had been 45 days & he still hadn't been payed. Another man quit when they messed up his checks, but returned when he was assured it would not happen again. He is asked for my name with some contractors. His checks have been right since. I was promised a sign on bonus, but took months to get. I also brought in two journeymen, & had a hard time collecting that bonus. I had to keep reminding them they owed me th

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v8 in Tulsa, Oklahoma

107 months ago

V8 continued...
On my checks, 3 weeks in a row, my checks were late,or wrong. The third week,Before Thanksgiving,I had auto-payments start bouncing. I showed up on time,worked all day, even overtime,& my deposits aren't being made.
"These things happen in a corporation, & take time to correct" That is really what they said. The last straw was when I wanted them to pay my overdraft fees, They said they would,but after two weeks still nothing. They told me two weeks later "legal" said they didn't have to. This is the worst place I have ever worked. There is more. Another man left after they did not file his insurance papers on time, & was declared ineligible for insurance due to time lapse. Tradesmen filed late, his papers was on time in the office.This is a good idea that could work, & work well, but with the current work force they are using, never will. All the good hands leave,because they don't have to put up with this kind of treatment. Tell everybody. Don't work there & don't use them. I will. MJP

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Jack Simpson in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

74 months ago

That is a terrible story V8, on a lighter note can help out with everyday electrical problems!

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field rep. in Riverside, California

40 months ago

I worked for them in the Indiana office as a sales rep and we lost good employees because of the same reasons V8 had already explained. Also, I left over 2 months ago and still have not received my last paycheck and I have been on them about it everyday. I have filed and received 4 unemployment checks and still not my last check from tradesmen. Horrible company to work for at any level. They lie as though it is a company policy. They under pay everyone while the company makes hundreds of millions every year. I know because I worked in sales and saw the numbers they produce. Highly recommend everyone to stay clear. Use one of their many competitors. This is putting the experience as polite as possible.

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Blaylock in Wilmington, Delaware

27 months ago

My last paycheck was 350 short. Worked there for 6 mos as a sales rep and never got and comm. bunch of scammers. RUN!!!!!

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