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bbbbbbb in Tampa, Florida

69 months ago

Worked here as a temporary contractor, wish I hadn't. I saw the warning flags: no reference check, pithy interview questions, immediate hiring. Realized they were desperate, This place just flat out sucks. Crazy deadlines, huge workload and the lowest pay I have ever seen $20 an hour for a mid-level copywriter. This job was just way too much for one person, and everyone jumped on my back the moment it even looked like I couldn't handle it. Traffic managers here confuse everyone and everyone makes a huge deal out of what boils down to minutia. I worked with 3 teams, had to learn their insanely complicated traffic system, along with everybody's name, keep up with 10 to 20 projects a week, and in the end I got fired because someone said I looked confused at a meeting! Hah! Guess what, I had five meetings that day. My manager fired me on a conference call from San Francisco, because that is where she is located. She never even saw me in a meeting! She fired me based on what someone said in that company, and probably someone who wasn't even on location. No wonder this place has such a bad rep. The people who stay here, stay because they have no other choice. Everyone there hates the job and says so often, but they wouldn't be able to design anywhere else. It's a career killer. You are better off working somewhere else, or not at all. They go through copywriters fast because the workload is so immense. If you don't give them a song and dance about how much you love it, they don't like you and if they don't like you they fire you. The designers here suck as well. They complain all the time and only work for about 15 minutes a day.

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