Triumph Interview Questions.

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It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview process like at Triumph?

Any advice on striking the right note?

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Forget It! in San Antonio, Texas

123 months ago

I interviewed at this sleazy place. I saw there ad online and decided to give this "admin" job a try. It was starting out $28,000 - 35,000 a year, less than what I was making but still decent money. I went to the building, and had a hard time finding it since the sign on the door wasn't the name of the company. I walked into there cheesy little office and spoke to the high school girl to tell her I was there for the interview. There was hardly anything in this bare room except for: crooked, cheap pictures of dogs, cheap chairs, a broken fountain, and a large plastic flower on the girl's desk, with her little computer. I thought "oh God, what is this place!" They had other girls sitting there waiting for their interviews. I must have been the oldest, at 26 years old, but by far the most experienced. These girls, one with pink hair, the other with a t-shirt and pants on etc. didn't have anything on me. I almost walked out of the place. How many companies do you go to interview at and they sit you all in the room like cattle? None of them even had resumes on proper paper! Or let alone, resumes or driver's licenses.

I went into the interview and was interviewed by this girl a few years younger than me. I asked her about the position and she kept trying to sell me on a sales position. She couldn't tell me much about the position she was hiring directly for. She was supposedly the "president". I don't even know what this company does besides blow smoke up people's a**! When does a president, at most 23 years old, interview their own people? She couldn't tell me much about what the company does. What she did describe was like a pyramid scheme of training people to be managers and then having them open offices with other clients and them training others. When asked about what all clients does she have, she only gave me 2, and neither of them were in the state.
This interview was a waste of my time. This place was not legit.

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Kim in Taunton, Massachusetts

123 months ago

You are obviously mistaken. Triumph Inc., is a federally funded preschool program, also known as Head Start. You would have never been invited for an interview nor is what your describing even close to our hiring policies, let alone the description of the building.
Go back to playing online and leave the "job" stuff to the adults.

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