Couple / Team Managment postition

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nfx in Ocala, Florida

91 months ago

1) Online application questions:
Tip: only choose a few "experience fields", the fewer you select the fewer aptitude test questions you will have to answer. There is no time limits on the questions, if you don't know an answer just look it up online.

* You will need to pass the tests in order to even be considered for the position (if you did not get a call they either filled the position or you did not pass the tests).

2) Couple / Team position:
This job is meant for young / older couple, but they do consider room mates, friends, etc. It is a 40hr. full time position w/ various benefits. Pay is low but benefits might make up for pay depending on your current situation.
- Even though they failed to mention this on the job description and when I was asked to come in for an interview... You will need have both people fill out the app and go to the interview.

3) If hired you will need to relocate to live in the apartment above the store / office. In this case a 2 bedroom apartment with rent & Utilities covered by U-Haul. The living situations will vary by location.

4) During the interview with the manager you will be asked questions like... "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?", "Do you like working outdoors?", They will also like to know if you will be able to work & live together as a couple seeing each other all the time, etc.

* For most people this will not be the best job to have have, especially if you have pets or children (U-Haul prefers that you do not smoke).

** This will be GOOD if you are relocating to a new location, currently live with parents and want to live on your own as a couple, a couple who are both looking for jobs or are in a situation where you have been out of work for a while because the job market and might get evicted from your current apartment or house and will need somewhere to live.

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nickelbackgirltx in Somewhere, Texas

90 months ago

Can you please tell me if U-Haul will frown upon the fact that my husband and I have children? We have been called back for a 2nd interview for the couple/team management position, but we did not disclose in the first interview that we have children.

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nfx in Ocala, Florida

89 months ago

Thanks for your reply. I cant say for sure how that Marketing Company President will feel about children. The general rule is that they will not prefer it, some locations wouldnt mind. It depends on how much the MCP likes you and how badly they need to fill the position. After taking the job here in FL, we see that this is not a job for everyone. For our situation it worked out great and the job isnt too hard. Pay isnt great but FREE RENT is always good! The couple who worked here before us had a little boy. From what i understand it workd out great for the parents, but not so much for the kids. The parents have a flexible schedule and are able to take care of the kids alot easier.

I hope this info helps, let me know if you have anymorew questions.

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GS in Houston, Texas

14 months ago

Do you have to come as a couple? Could a single person not apply for this job?

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