U.S. Cellular Benefits, Bonuses, & Salaries

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Job Seeker in Chicago, Illinois

76 months ago

I have read numerous comments about the culture of U.S. Cellular. I have worked for three other large corporations. I lost my positions as a result of "reorganization" each time. I do not doubt anyone's horrific experience. However, I like eating and sleeping indoors. I do feel your pain! REALLY! Just share your grief in the approriate discussion thread. So, please do not reply if you cannot just give me the facts.... What is the range for base salaries for Store Managers? What is the commsssion structure for Store Managers? What is the employee cost of the Health Plan? What is the compnay match for Savings Plan? What is the tutition reimbursement structure like?


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careersearch in Des Moines, Iowa

76 months ago

Hi there.. The salary for Store Managers range from $45,000 to $50,000 base with a 40% bonus paid quarterly, so you can plan on $70,000 / year. I work for one of their Iowa stores and a friend transferred to Chicago and was given a cost of living adjustment so you might even make more in Chicago. Your bonus is pretty much a given unless your store, the sales managers and your RWCs are a total disaster, which is entirely possible in the Chicago market. Ask how the last manager's bonus paid out and if he/she earned the 40% payout. They have really good health benefits and it included vision and dental which was nice. I can't remember what the match to the savings plan was but they automatically take 3% out of your check for the plan unless you request otherwise and I know that much was matched. And they do have tuition reimbursement but I don't know what the structure was like. I think you just had to wait 90 days to use. Again... I hope this helps. I'll add one last thing... heed the warnings you've read on here... I thought all these people were "nut jobs" or disgruntled former employees before I started working their and then I learned the hard way, they're not! Some of the complaints are out there in left field but for the most part it happens exactly how you've read it. Like you, I came from Corporate America and I also like sleeping inside and eating too but their culture will definately be a shock to what you are used too. Best of luck, you can make it work!

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