US Cellular employee phone discounts and benefits??

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JimmyjJohnson in New York, New York

96 months ago

I was just recently offered a position at US Cellular, and was just waiting for my Drug screen. I got all the papers I needed to read via email, but I remember the manager there told me there was somekind of discount on the phones and plans for employees. Anybody know what these "discounts" might be. BTW I am not in call center, its a technician position at a retail store.. Any insight would be awesome.


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gohanfan01 in franklin, Wisconsin

95 months ago

you'll get $200 of a phone every 2 years and free phone service. It's pretty good. even still, I wouldn't go for the job. The company is going downhill in my opinion and is not worth going for. If you decide to do it, good luck to you. Hopefully it works out better for you than it did for me or my wife.

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Jane Doe in Janesville, Wisconsin

95 months ago

sorry to read about the miscarriage. not surprised about the chemical issue - though I usually heard that stores were better to work in than the call center. Im guessing from your city you were in the Waukesha call center? I agree that the company is going downhill. It seems every time I call, the service is just worse and worse, and I am told things that would have gotten me or any other rep walked out the door.

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Vess in Tulsa, Oklahoma

91 months ago

The information is correct on the $200 off a phone every 2 years. The thing to keep in mind is why it is given. It is given to keep our associates updated with the latest equipment in order to assist their customers not a "perk" for just being a U.S. Cellular associate. Otherwise this would create entitlement which is not tolerated there. For those who feel the company is going downhill I would be intersted in knowing why you feel that way.

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Jane Doe in Janesville, Wisconsin

91 months ago

as a customer - I stayed with them because they were still the cheapest last time I checked, and I dont want to sign any new contracts with any one else- I have had some really bad experiences with customer service reps - tho none lately. I know they have consolidated many departments, for example, they got rid of customer relations in the Waukesha, WI call center, and I think they got rid of help desk departments in others..Ive heard that some departments constantly have calls in queue when they never did before. As for stores, its hard to find a company owned one in most places, which means you are dealing thru "middlemen" who have their own complicated policies on top of US Cells. I don't have any experience with other carriers as a customer, but I think the main thing that used to set them apart was that they were a medium sized regional company staffed by folks who lived in the same area as their customers, cared about their customers, and were required to act as such. Now they are trying to become a major player, and while yes, I am sure there are many decent, caring people still there, I think it must be hard to care about the customer while looking over your shoulder to see if your boss is about to stick a knife in your back. I don't know if thats still the atmosphere, and dont much care one way or the other, but I know the best companies from a customer view point are usually the best companies from their employees view point. They still appear to be the company of choice out here in south central wisconsin, but if some company is smart enough to offer the home town service and customer friendly policies that us cell had, along with a decent calling area, US Cell will go down.. I just don't think it will be a major carrier that takes them out.

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boxx335 in Baraboo, Wisconsin

21 months ago

@vess in Tulsa...

So it's $200.00 off of a phone, I got that. Is the phone service really free as stated earlier?

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