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Updated 22 hours ago

Package Handlers Jobs - 1515 Replies

I have a tour and interview tomorrow morning for part-time package handler. I am a little intimidated only because of my age and I'm a woman. I am...


Updated 7 days ago

Help completing online application - 3 Replies

I say asked to complete the form I almost finish it but they were asking for my address for the last three years. And I just came to the USA when I...

Frustrated Wife of USPS employee

Updated 15 days ago

UPS Transfers - 19 Replies

So my husband has been on the postal forum for a swap since 2011..yes 2011! In 2015, we had an opportunity for a direct transfer through e-reasign to...

franchesca sanchez

Updated 18 days ago

How to get a job at UPS. - 99 Replies

[QUOTE who="Host"]Do you work at UPS? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? please need to job apply application...


Updated 1 month ago

What's the company culture at UPS? - 96 Replies

the super that your friend wanted to kill (dave) . did his last name start with a W? if so that guy was a prick from hell . same guy that tryed...


Updated 1 month ago

UPS TOUR...What to expect?? - 4 Replies

I have a tour Monday morning at 6:30 am. All paperwork has been filled out for month. Background check came in good on it. Position for...


What do you think?

I just went to a tour earlier this morning, it lasted about 30 minutes, then the lady interviewed each of us privately for about 5 minutes. My...

Damien Albino

Updated 1 month ago

Just got an scheduled interview with UPS for Package Deliver Driver - 5 Replies

[QUOTE who="Kevper in Canyon, Texas"]I was told I habe to know the 5 seeing habits and 10 point commentary word for word. Is this true I need to know...


Updated 2 months ago

Need some help - 3 Replies

How can I change shift from an application for ups?


Updated 2 months ago

How long does it take for UPS to run a background check? - 30 Replies

Thanks to everyone that responded. My husband did finally get his welcome letter in the mail and is heading to training soon. Just thought I would...


Updated 2 months ago

When UPS gives you an ultimatum - 11 Replies

[QUOTE who="Debbie in Culloden, West Virginia"]Yes, they can fire you for no reason - they did the same to my son when they found out that he had JD...


Updated 2 months ago

UPS Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits. - 184 Replies

[QUOTE who="Alexia woodall in Eufaula, Alabama"]Can you get me a job?[/QUOTE] Who is this? Do I know you? Or did you just read my post?

Richard Closure

Updated 3 months ago

UPS Rehire Policy - 10 Replies

Don't know.

TrackStarRJ in Pompano Beach, Florida

Updated 5 months ago

Son is getting the run around about receiving his last paycheck from UPS (seasonal work) - 6 Replies

My son is 18 and took a job at UPS this December as a drivers helper. His last day was Dec 24 and he turned his uniform in on Dec 26. HE waited for...

Nbaxter86 in Mountain View, California

Updated 6 months ago

UPS Driver Helper - 500 Replies

Do Driver Helpers ever get offered a full time Driver job at the end of the season? What does the Driver Helper position start off at?


Updated 8 months ago

Fill out forms after interview? - 3 Replies

Ok so I was told to fill out some forms before I come in on the 4th such as Honesty in Employment, ADP 8850, Form W-4 etc. and it may seem silly but...

Tammy Terrell in Lynwood, California

So How long after they Call does it take for the additional hiring packet to show up in your applications profile?

Got the call said I was hires and I needed to fill out my forms ,but been checking and nothing is there another place I have to go???

Roshunda jones in Dallas, Texas

Working for UPS

Will UPS hiring anyone with a misdemeanor it has been dismissed it was theft by check the checks was not in someone else name got on a payment plan...

Michael in Eugene, Oregon

Updated 8 months ago

UPS Employee appearance rules - 10 Replies

I've heard that UPS is strict about the appaerance of it's employees. Is this true? If so, strict in what way?

B in Pompano Beach, Florida

Scheduling a UPS interview online?

Have any of you filled out a UPS application online? I applied to be a driver helper and at the end of it, it asks you to schedule a time for an...

carthy123 in Hartford, Connecticut

How long to wait untill your fulltime at UPS

Is it true that you have to wait a few years until you become full time?

mrinnerpeace@*****.*** in Rochester, New York

UPS Driver Helper North Gates NY

The Driver Helper job that UPS advertised on is deceiving. UPS really should disclose that this is an "on call" position in their job...

Brandon in Mountain View, California


i already had an interveiw set up 2 weeks ago for ups as a driver helper. missed the window for an interveiw and am aware of the new window for...

pancho in Dallas, Texas

package handler

can a 17 years old boy works at ups as package handler?

pancho in Dallas, Texas

package handler

can a 17 years old boy works at ups as package handler?

Jasvir Kaur Maan in Surrey, British Columbia

Updated 27 months ago

Do package handlers work on labor day? - 2 Replies

Yeah I just started at UPS a month ago and I'm wondering do I have work on Labor day?

Rose in Berkeley, California

From Warehouse to Driver, What Does it Take?

My son works in the warehouse at UPS distributing packages. I tends to take a lot of days off. I keep telling him if he wants to be a driver they...

INDEEDGURL in Waukegan, Illinois

Updated 28 months ago

Follow up call - 1 Reply

I have gone through interview and tour. I am awaiting for their call on if they would be hiring me and when to start My questions are... -How long...

Fred in Hamilton, Ontario

Updated 29 months ago

UPS Interview Questions. - 8 Replies

It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview...

JCGARROVILLO in Huntington Beach, California

Updated 30 months ago

Where's my paycheck? - 1 Reply

I recently quit UPS and was a Supervisor. My last day was the 15th, which is payday. I've had direct deposit set up since I started and have always...

hammer in Ashland, Kentucky

driver helper

What is the pay per hour for a seasonal Driver Helper for UPS in Huntington,WVA

hammer in Ashland, Kentucky

driver helper

What is the pay per hour for a seasonal Driver Helper for UPS in Huntington,WVA

Hellboy in Vancleave, Mississippi

Updated 32 months ago

Ups appointment times?? - 1 Reply

I applied as a package handler and got through to the part where I schedule an interview. Every time I click on it it says "no appointment no longer...

Pat in Evansville, Indiana

Updated 34 months ago

two pieces of government issued ID. - 1 Reply

Other than my permit what else would be sufficient as an ID?

hinergary@*****.*** in Ottawa, Kansas

Updated 36 months ago

Online application: will more appointments become available? - 2 Replies

I recently completed the online application and arrived at the "schedule an appointment" screen and I receive the following message: There are no...

Jack789 in Columbia, South Carolina

Questions about UPS online application process

I applied online to UPS for a package handler job 5-9AM which is perfect due to my class schedule. Anyway, I create a profile, search job, answer the...

Lynn Horton in Dearborn, Mississippi

Freight Operations Supervisor

I need feedback for the freight operations supervisor....Hours and pay...thanks

Yowza in Phoenix, Arizona

18 year old part time preload supervisor

Hows it going people? Ive been with UPS since november, started seasonal as a loader. And was kept after the season ended. First of all id like to...

Yessi in Bronx, New York

UPS part-time unloader relocation

My husband has been working with UPS for 5yrs as a package handler (part-time unload) in Maspeth, NY. We started considering to move to Cleveland,...

mackee38 in Portland, Oregon

Updated 44 months ago

ups driver helper appointment - 1 Reply

i have an appointment today and need info as to how i can get the job as quick as possible preferably w/o a second interveiw

Jonny K in Saint Paul

Updated 45 months ago

Do UPS drivers mind delivering to a second floor apartment dweller everyday? - 3 Replies

I understand that this might not be the most appropriate place to ask the question, but I feel that many people here understand the company a lot...

Jdelano in Perris, California

Permenent or seasonal

Last Thursday I went in for the group interview. Today I went in for the 1-1 interview & she told me to fill out the additional information on my app...

GGC in Orlando, Florida

Updated 47 months ago

UPS driver school? - 2 Replies

Hey everyone, Can anyone tell me a little bit about the delivery driver training school with UPS? I just had my interview last week,and then...

Raven in Lutherville Timonium, Maryland

Updated 49 months ago

Can UPS Package Handlers bring cell phones to work? - 1 Reply

I would like to know if package handlers can bring cell phones into the facility if they are turned off and not used during work. Since I take public...

Kevin in Stratford, Connecticut

Updated 53 months ago

Prt Time Package Handler - 2 Replies

So, I applied online for a UPS part time package handler job. I did a tour appointment, they ran a background check and then got a second appointment...

Kevin in Stratford, Connecticut

Updated 53 months ago

Christmas Season Helper - 3 Replies

I worked a couple weeks this year as a Christmas seasonal helper, and I've got a new-found respect for you guys and gals who work for UPS. Your jobs...

Kevin in Stratford, Connecticut

Updated 53 months ago

UPS Driver Helper - 1 Reply

I'm a high school junior and I want to get a manual labor job this coming summer before I go to college in two years. I've read that UPS is a great...

Randall Strouse in Avon, Indiana

Updated 54 months ago

Why does UPS keep posting open job positions but has no appointments for interviews scheduled? - 3 Replies

I'd prefer someone who has some insight into this company because I don't understand UPS at all. For about a month, I've been trying to work at UPS;...

dbible7 in Kent, Washington

Trouble applying

I have tried to apply for UPS driving jobs on several occasions. On each occasion, I am asked to create a short profile, then a short generic...

shay in Houston, Texas

Updated 56 months ago

Question regarding brokerage rater positions - 1 Reply

Today, I found a job on the UPS website for a part-time night rater position at Custom House Brokerage and I applied for it. I'm just wondering if...

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