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Updated 6 days ago

Help completing online application - 2 Replies

Trying to pull up my application to complete


Updated 13 days ago

How to get a job at UPS. - 113 Replies

Hello everyone, I just recently discovered an opening in my area for a part time package handler. I filled out the job application (or job inquiry...


Updated 27 days ago

UPS Interview Questions. - 20 Replies

I just said that I would apologize to the customer. Then the interviewer said "well what if they didn't accept your apology and just kept screaming...


Updated 1 month ago

Package Handlers Jobs - 1506 Replies

does the color of the boots matter because i have some timberland boots but they are not work boots, they are blue leather


Updated 1 month ago

What's the company culture at UPS? - 62 Replies

To be honest I love working at ups... But I also hate it it. I've worked as a loader for a year now and can say that it isn't easy and I wouldn't...


Updated 1 month ago

UPS Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits. - 188 Replies

[QUOTE who="Upser_Family in Salem, Oregon"]The only ones that I've seen state that it was not worth it are the wimps. Good old fashion hard work. ...


Updated 2 months ago

18 year old part time preload supervisor - 5 Replies

Congratulation,age is just a number and I like to see young people like myself move up in jobs.anyways I would love if you could Email me a copy of...


Updated 2 months ago

UPS TOUR...What to expect?? - 5 Replies

I have a tour scheduled tonight does that mean I got the job?

Lynn Horton

Freight Operations Supervisor

I need feedback for the freight operations supervisor....Hours and pay...thanks


UPS part-time unloader relocation

My husband has been working with UPS for 5yrs as a package handler (part-time unload) in Maspeth, NY. We started considering to move to Cleveland,...


Updated 4 months ago

ups driver helper appointment - 1 Reply

I did submitted an online application for driver helper job. when I was out of my city of residence and I am now back therefore, i want to schedule...


Updated 4 months ago

UPS Employee appearance rules - 8 Replies

can you have a mustache and gottee as a driver helper

Jonny K

Updated 5 months ago

Do UPS drivers mind delivering to a second floor apartment dweller everyday? - 3 Replies

Heck, the package truck guys here in the Twin Cities make $32/hr currently. I would not get too concerned, I guy an be expected to work pretty hard...

UPS Employee

Updated 5 months ago

Just got an scheduled interview with UPS for Package Deliver Driver - 3 Replies

Just to let you know. If you have never worked for the company before, depending how big your UPS facility is. I don't think you will be a full time...


Updated 6 months ago

UPS Driver Helper - 491 Replies

[QUOTE who="Fred in Burbank, California"]Last holiday season it was $8.50 in Southern California[/QUOTE] $8.50/hour and even though it's only a...


Updated 6 months ago

UPS Rehire Policy - 4 Replies

[QUOTE who="millard bailey in Huntington, West Virginia"]i would like to go to dickinson ND and work for about 6 mo I retired from UPS in 2002 after...


Permenent or seasonal

Last Thursday I went in for the group interview. Today I went in for the 1-1 interview & she told me to fill out the additional information on my app...


Updated 8 months ago

UPS driver school? - 2 Replies

Great class. I went in Chicago in 2012 for a Package Delivery Driver. We tested in manually and automatic trucks. The most important thing is to know...


Updated 8 months ago

For 30 year upser - 1 Reply

as a long time p/t ups employee, it is a compliment to be asked to be a supervisor part time. BUT all part timers can apply and have successs at...


Updated 9 months ago

Can UPS Package Handlers bring cell phones to work? - 1 Reply

No you are not allowed to bring your cell phone into the job.

YO in Jamestown, New York

Updated 12 months ago

UPS Transfers - 11 Replies

Does anybody out there work for UPS and know if you can transfer. And if so is it within your district or region? My husband works there and he says...

Kevin in Stratford, Connecticut

Updated 14 months ago

Prt Time Package Handler - 2 Replies

So, I applied online for a UPS part time package handler job. I did a tour appointment, they ran a background check and then got a second appointment...

Kevin in Stratford, Connecticut

Updated 14 months ago

Christmas Season Helper - 4 Replies

I worked a couple weeks this year as a Christmas seasonal helper, and I've got a new-found respect for you guys and gals who work for UPS. Your jobs...

Kevin in Stratford, Connecticut

Updated 14 months ago

UPS Driver Helper - 1 Reply

I'm a high school junior and I want to get a manual labor job this coming summer before I go to college in two years. I've read that UPS is a great...

Shell in Louisville, Kentucky

Do not hire list - how do I fight it?

I just found out after many weeks of reapplying that I am on the do not hire list, or listed as Unhirable at UPS. NEver had a problem wth my supe...

Randall Strouse in Avon, Indiana

Updated 15 months ago

Why does UPS keep posting open job positions but has no appointments for interviews scheduled? - 3 Replies

I'd prefer someone who has some insight into this company because I don't understand UPS at all. For about a month, I've been trying to work at UPS;...

dbible7 in Kent, Washington

Trouble applying

I have tried to apply for UPS driving jobs on several occasions. On each occasion, I am asked to create a short profile, then a short generic...

shay in Houston, Texas

Updated 16 months ago

Question regarding brokerage rater positions - 1 Reply

Today, I found a job on the UPS website for a part-time night rater position at Custom House Brokerage and I applied for it. I'm just wondering if...

bobcat5023 in Grand Prairie, Texas

Updated 17 months ago

UPS Airport Hubs Jobs - 2 Replies

I'll be starting a job at the Oakland UPS airporthub soon and I wanted to know if any of you had any advise and or what the job is going to be like?

Wicklink in Fort Collins, Colorado

Moving up in the company

Hey all - What do you think the chances of moving around is with UPS? For example, if you had a part-time position, would it be a reality to move...

Kijana Adamson in Taylorsville, Utah

Updated 18 months ago

Hub Transfer - 2 Replies

Hey all. I have been reading a few things about transfers, but I still have a couple questions and wanted to know if anyone knew the answers. My...

Omgdudeidk in Royal Oak, Michigan

Ups appointment times??

I applied as a package handler and got through to the part where I schedule an interview. Every time I click on it it says "no appointment no longer...

Richard in Austin, Texas

Updated 20 months ago

My dream is to be a delivery driver for UPS - 2 Replies

Since I was little seeing the UPS driver come up the drive-way was exciting. I always wanted to deliver that excitement myself. I am 20 years old and...

Ohbetboom in Surprise, Arizona

Part time package handler at UPS? Chances? Permanent job?

So, I applied online for a UPS part time package handler job. I have a tour appointment next week. I'm super stoked that I finally got a chance to...

rajeshkumar in Hyderabad, India

Test Environment creating Live Shipping labels

Hello Everyone, I am using UPS API in one of my projects since July 2011. For development purpose I am using URL, it was worked...

Bob_Salad in Forest Hills, New York

Taking Unpaid leave at UPS

I've just been hired as package driver and will be starting in a week or two. Wanted to find out what the policy is on new hires taking unpaid leave,...

Geramie in Corpus Christi, Texas

Updated 21 months ago

How long does it take for UPS to run a background check? - 19 Replies

How long does it take for UPS to run a background check? I have no speeding tickets, drug charges, or anything bad on my record. What is taking so...

ups_worker in USA

Updated 23 months ago

Workdays - 1 Reply

Do you HAVE to work Monday - Friday or can you pick days? I am wondering because I have a night class one day of the week that interferes with the...

skimmer63 in Wheaton, Illinois

Working at UPS at Indianapolis Airport

What is the pay rate and benefits if you work for UPS as a refueler at the Indianapolis IN airport part-time. How many hours per week is considered...

Penny in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 24 months ago

2nd interview - 7 Replies

Does a second interview with ups really take up to six weeks?

Shohn McNamara in Lansing, Michigan

UPS Salaries

Can anyone tell me what the salary range is, or at least the starting rate of pay, for a Senior Administrative Assistant at UPS?

EvokeJay in Hollis, New York

two pieces of government issued ID.

Other than my permit what else would be sufficient as an ID?

UPSMOM in Douglas, Massachusetts

Taking a day off

My son was just hired as a package handler and will start next week. We have a dilemma because he has to take a day off for an important event...

casey in Rossville, Georgia

Updated 27 months ago

Paycheck - 2 Replies

I am currently on break from college and I am living with my parents, and I started worked as a driver helper 12/19-12/23. Sadly, I was only able to...

Adam Dye in Lexington, Kentucky

Dress for Assesment

I have applied for a job and am going to an assessment at a local community college....what type of appearance would be appropriate for this?

FOUR4SE7EN in Salt Lake City, Utah

Updated 29 months ago

Driver Helper..Drug Test? - 1 Reply

I smoke weed from time to time, do the drug test for the drivers helper position?

Rocks_R_Cool in Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Updated 30 months ago

UPS Package Handler - 2 Replies

Anyone with experience with UPS Hazmat and Supervisor positions: Hello, I was just hired for the pre-loader shift and I start begining of next...

Rocks_R_Cool in Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Package Handler

30 year upser, oranyone with knowlege like his: Hello, I was just hired for the pre-loader shift and I start begining of next week. While I was...

Severynn in Lombard, Illinois

Online Application Process

Ok, so I'm sorry if this issue has been covered before but I'm confused about the application process; let me explain. I want to apply part-time to...

ann in Little Rock, Arkansas

Updated 33 months ago

"temporary seasonal package delivery drivers" - 2 Replies

Anyone have any insight on what this means? I suppose it would run through the holiday season.. -What minimum qualifications are they looking...

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