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MrFab in La Verne, California

Updated 80 months ago

UPS second interview with no tour! - 1 Reply

I had the first interview on 10/22/2009 and was given the card to return for the second interview on Monday 10/26/2009. I heard from multiple people...

Guerotomas in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 80 months ago

Somebody tell me wut happen??? - 1 Reply

Ok i had my first interview for package handler on Mon 10/19/09 and everything went gud. i kno this cuz i had another interview tha NEXT day for...

upsergirl in Orlando, Florida

How do I quit?

I busted my car all up this weekend, and now I can't get across town to sling boxes. I've tried finding a number to call, and I seriously can't....

Andrew Fitt in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 81 months ago

PPH Questions? - 1 Reply

What should be my goal hourly package rate as a new hire? About when should I start having to make 300/hour?

Andrew Fitt in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 81 months ago

Paychecks and Seasonal Work - 1 Reply

First of all, I know paychecks are delivered weekly, but do you get your first paycheck your first week (while you are training at Cornerstone) or do...

Mary inTampa in Tampa, Florida

Updated 81 months ago

Does this mean I am hired?? - 1 Reply

Hi, I had my tour and first interview on Sep. 1, '09. I was told to go home and fill out my tax forms and other misc. information on the same page...

Tomzach in Warrenton, Virginia

Military Transfer

I am currently in the ARNG (National Guard) and I will be transferred soon to NC. Does anyone know how this process will play out? I have heard UPS...

Huber in Greenville, North Carolina

Updated 82 months ago

UPS Seasonal Driver - 1 Reply

I have a question for the 30 yr UPS person. You've been so helpful to so many people I am hoping you could give me some advice. I am being...

cindiaz in Chula Vista, California

Updated 82 months ago

Looking to follow up with UPS - 7 Replies

I have applied for multiple positions with UPS/UPS Supply Chain Solutions in El Paso, TX. I am new to the area, and I am looking for a way to follow...

Freenacious in Houston, Texas

Updated 83 months ago

Jobs besides package handler - 4 Replies

I wanted to know if you can start out as something besied a package handler? Also, I wanted to know if there is a way to get in corporate. I have a...

Tombs003 in Houston, Texas

Having trouble w/ Online UPS application PLZ HELP!!

Last year I stayed in another city were I applied for 3 positions late December/early January. Now that I moved to a new city I found out there...

Michael in Stockton, California

Updated 84 months ago

changing jobs after employment - 1 Reply

ive worked for UPS for a little over a year. i was hired as a loader, and been doing so the whole time. i would like to expand my knoledge of the...

disgruntled-ex-DG-er in Marion, Indiana

Am I hired?....

I had my second interview at UPS about 3 weeks's been a little while, and I had to fill out w2's and everything for the interviewer. I...

MDB26 in Janesville, Wisconsin

Updated 85 months ago

Does anyone know if UPS hires felons-is anyone on this board a felon or know a felon currently working at UPS - 1 Reply

Just curious if UPS has a no felon policy or if it is case by case. If you have a relative who is a 13 year driver at UPS will that help a felon get...

Mike Yount in San Antonio, Texas

Skilled Pay?

I am a spa person, but I have worked other positions when they need me to. I've sorted, loaded, unloaded and done irregs. I've been at UPS for 4...

Skatealone in Tracy, California

Updated 86 months ago

Advancement opportunities - 2 Replies

Are there advancement opportunities, more specifically into the corporate office, if i start out as a package handler. I have a MBA and would really...

Skatealone in Tracy, California

Updated 86 months ago

Son is getting the run around about receiving his last paycheck from UPS (seasonal work) - 3 Replies

My son is 18 and took a job at UPS this December as a drivers helper. His last day was Dec 24 and he turned his uniform in on Dec 26. HE waited for...

jkfield in ocala, Florida


Can anyone advise on the type of testing that I have been scheduled for? It is an online test and then if I pass I have to do an actual hands on...

kjk4734 in Mundelein, Illinois

When do you recieve benefits for you and family after starting part time at UPS

Hi I have gotten a million different responses on this from Yahoo answers I thought maybe someone here would know for sure. How long do you have to...

John Michael in Erlanger, Kentucky

Is there a new UPS hub in the Columbia, SC area that is going to be popping up soon?

I was wondering... Has anyone heard of a new UPS hub that is suppose to be popping up in the Columbia, SC area? I know of the one that is located...

Tasksgirl in Los Angeles, California

Help completing online application

I applied for the Driver Helper in my city and it said (current openings) not backup. It asked me for SS# and a few yes or no questions then told me...

Watertown_UPS in Waterbury, Connecticut

Updated 92 months ago

Not getting paid? - 2 Replies

I've been with UPS for 6 days, now and tomorrow will be the first day I've clocked in. But I've done all the work so I think I should be paid for it....

Dave Bell in Elm Grove, Wisconsin

Hiring DHL Sales Reps

UPS is hiring former DHL sales reps as contract positions. Send your resume or inquire at the below e-mail Address. Must have former sales...

Clark41 in Paducah, Kentucky

Updated 93 months ago

Is it wise to work another job while working here? - 1 Reply

Ok heres my situation, I am currently working at Kohle's, a retail store that has a little bit of everything, much like waI-mart just without the...

CassV in Columbus, Ohio

Updated 94 months ago

additional documents to fill out online after interview? - 5 Replies

I had an interview with a human resources rep at the richmond, virginia hub on Wednesday and when I went online to see if there were any new...

Courtney in Raleigh, North Carolina

Sales Representative @ UPS

What can one expect as a sales rep for UPS? What's the good and the bad? And how is the total compensation, i.e. benefits, company car, salaries and...

joker7041 in Honolulu, Hawaii

UPS employment question? Please advise.

Hello, I used to work for UPS part-time in Massachusetts back in 2000-2001 before I joined the USMC. I have since, served my four years, got out in...

Phoenixrising in Maryland

Question about Accutane and Insurance

Does the UPS insurance cover Accutane?

Employment Information

Tractor Trailer Driver

Employment Information

Part Time Package Handler #4

Employment Information

Part Time Package Handler #3

Employment Information

Part Time Package Handler #2

Employment Information

Part Time Package Handler #1

Employment Information

Package Delivery Driver

J anderson in San Antonio, Texas

Education Assistance

Does anyone know if UPS will pay for spouse's education like they do for employees?

Employment Information

Driver Helper

Albeto in chicag, Illinois

ABF Freight

I want to apply here, how are the wages?

Daniel Kuehl in Palm Bay, Florida

looking to get in with ups

im 28 yrs old and im looking to get in with ups. i want a career change a feel ups is the way to go. im a florida resident in the palmbay area. id...

Allen Zuelsdorf in Columbia, South Carolina

UPS long hair policy for package handlers

Does UPS hire male package handlers with long hair?

kcx1112 in san jose, California

Updated 103 months ago

Finished my interview a week and a half ago.. Now what? - 2 Replies

so i finished my interview with UPS on 11/07/07 and it went great. The manager made me feel like i was definitely going to get the job. He said the...

NV in Queen Creek, Arizona

What are the career opportuniies with UPS?

I am applying for package handler. I am a female with a medical field background. I know the pay is very low but the benefits are awesome. now is...

mohamed elhusseiny in Providence, Rhode Island


lookel jop

DANNY JAMES in Palm Harbor, Florida

Updated 105 months ago

UPS - 3 Replies


David in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 105 months ago

company culture - 1 Reply

if your religion or heritage requires you to have facial hair, you're wasting your time. they are looking for Jeffery Dalmier lookalikes. ability...

Reenie in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 106 months ago

When UPS gives you an ultimatum - 9 Replies

I worked for UPS for about 3 years, yet one night I go in to work and I'm told either I can quit or be fired. No reason or their part has ever...

Jane in Stamford, Connecticut

Updated 106 months ago

UPS requires you to sell your soul before joining the team - 2 Replies

I've worked at UPS for a couple years now and it's unreal how they treat their employees. I'm basicly a number, everything I do is a number. We're...

Jose M. Sanchez in Washington, District of Columbia

I look for part time job.

I have CDL driver license Class B. with P& S endorsements. I have years expirince. i driver a school Bus. Iam legal to work in the united...

Mike in Dayton, Ohio

Customer Support Rep II

Anyone know what this job is about or any info about it? I am working as a package handler at a different location and would like to look into doing...

Mike in Dayton, Ohio

Customer Support Rep II

Anyone know what this job is about or any info about it? I am working as a package handler at a different location and would like to look into doing...

kenmei in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 106 months ago

UPS Website Requires SS# - 8 Replies

I tried to apply for a job on their site and it require social security number to apply. Are they kidding? The only time I'll give an employer a ss#...

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