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bobcat5023 in Grand Prairie, Texas

Updated 56 months ago

UPS Airport Hubs Jobs - 2 Replies

I'll be starting a job at the Oakland UPS airporthub soon and I wanted to know if any of you had any advise and or what the job is going to be like?

Wicklink in Fort Collins, Colorado

Moving up in the company

Hey all - What do you think the chances of moving around is with UPS? For example, if you had a part-time position, would it be a reality to move...

Kijana Adamson in Taylorsville, Utah

Updated 57 months ago

Hub Transfer - 2 Replies

Hey all. I have been reading a few things about transfers, but I still have a couple questions and wanted to know if anyone knew the answers. My...

Richard in Austin, Texas

Updated 60 months ago

My dream is to be a delivery driver for UPS - 2 Replies

Since I was little seeing the UPS driver come up the drive-way was exciting. I always wanted to deliver that excitement myself. I am 20 years old and...

Ohbetboom in Surprise, Arizona

Part time package handler at UPS? Chances? Permanent job?

So, I applied online for a UPS part time package handler job. I have a tour appointment next week. I'm super stoked that I finally got a chance to...

rajeshkumar in Hyderabad, India

Test Environment creating Live Shipping labels

Hello Everyone, I am using UPS API in one of my projects since July 2011. For development purpose I am using URL, it was worked...

Bob_Salad in Forest Hills, New York

Taking Unpaid leave at UPS

I've just been hired as package driver and will be starting in a week or two. Wanted to find out what the policy is on new hires taking unpaid leave,...

ups_worker in USA

Updated 62 months ago

Workdays - 1 Reply

Do you HAVE to work Monday - Friday or can you pick days? I am wondering because I have a night class one day of the week that interferes with the...

skimmer63 in Wheaton, Illinois

Working at UPS at Indianapolis Airport

What is the pay rate and benefits if you work for UPS as a refueler at the Indianapolis IN airport part-time. How many hours per week is considered...

Penny in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 63 months ago

2nd interview - 7 Replies

Does a second interview with ups really take up to six weeks?

Shohn McNamara in Lansing, Michigan

UPS Salaries

Can anyone tell me what the salary range is, or at least the starting rate of pay, for a Senior Administrative Assistant at UPS?

UPSMOM in Douglas, Massachusetts

Taking a day off

My son was just hired as a package handler and will start next week. We have a dilemma because he has to take a day off for an important event...

casey in Rossville, Georgia

Updated 67 months ago

Paycheck - 2 Replies

I am currently on break from college and I am living with my parents, and I started worked as a driver helper 12/19-12/23. Sadly, I was only able to...

Adam Dye in Lexington, Kentucky

Dress for Assesment

I have applied for a job and am going to an assessment at a local community college....what type of appearance would be appropriate for this?

FOUR4SE7EN in Salt Lake City, Utah

Updated 69 months ago

Driver Helper..Drug Test? - 1 Reply

I smoke weed from time to time, do the drug test for the drivers helper position?

Rocks_R_Cool in Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Updated 70 months ago

UPS Package Handler - 2 Replies

Anyone with experience with UPS Hazmat and Supervisor positions: Hello, I was just hired for the pre-loader shift and I start begining of next...

Rocks_R_Cool in Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Package Handler

30 year upser, oranyone with knowlege like his: Hello, I was just hired for the pre-loader shift and I start begining of next week. While I was...

Severynn in Lombard, Illinois

Online Application Process

Ok, so I'm sorry if this issue has been covered before but I'm confused about the application process; let me explain. I want to apply part-time to...

ann in Little Rock, Arkansas

Updated 72 months ago

"temporary seasonal package delivery drivers" - 2 Replies

Anyone have any insight on what this means? I suppose it would run through the holiday season.. -What minimum qualifications are they looking...

hkellogg in Bridgewater, New Jersey

denied interview

because my uncle is an account manager is this right ? Supply chains solutions called and said they couldn't offer me an interview because my uncle...

Will, JAD in Lexington, Kentucky

UPS Driver Position

Hello to all. I've really enjoyed reading the threads on the forum, and all of the insight current UPS workers have provided. I'm hoping someone...

iversonjr in Riverside, California

Updated 76 months ago

How do I get a job in the flight operations with UPS? - 1 Reply

How do I get an address or phone to apply in the flight operation with UPS? I have 6 years experience with loading and unloading aircraft containers,...

grvychik in Ontario, California

Second interview

I had an interview on a Friday, before I arrived home UPS called and asked if I would be interested in going for a second interview the following...

Bob_Salad in Forest Hills, New York

Environmental/Energy/Sustainability positions within UPS

Couple of things to ask: Firstly, can anyone tell me if UPS have any dedicated employees/staff who are responsible for keeping the companies...

YoungGun in El Sobrante, California

Updated 79 months ago

Is there really a high turnover rate? - 1 Reply

I always hear that UPS has a high turnover rate for package handlers? It just doesn't seem so, because I check the UPS career website weekly, now...

Duncan in Sacramento, California

Updated 81 months ago

UPS First Interview Wednesday - Tour Today. Expect? - 3 Replies

Hey guys, Today at 6AM I took a tour of my UPS facility where they showed all the diff jobs people do and the position applied for is package...

V in Clovis, California

Background check letter

Hello! I got a letter saying that I passed the background check, but no call from UPS yet. Interview #1 for Driver Helper was two weeks ago. ...

lsnorton in Purcell, Oklahoma

Updated 81 months ago

Part Time Shift Supervisor? Help! - 3 Replies

I have an appointment on 3/15 to take the aptitude testing for PT Supervisor. Can anyone give me any insight on the testing? What to expect? Is it...

YoungGun in El Sobrante, California

Updated 81 months ago

How long until I start making money? - 2 Replies

I just got a job at UPS as a package handler. I'm a really hard worker, motivated, college grad, etc etc. I realize I'll only be making about...

Coleen Baker in Charlotte, North Carolina

Merrill Lynch USA

They posted jobs county wide for admin people - please beware this is a total scam. You may write me for details. But if you were drawn into this,...

Blackonblue in Manassas, Virginia

Updated 82 months ago

Missed call for interview help! - 1 Reply

I've already been to the walk through and everything but missed the call back on Friday. I tried calling the number back but it just rings and rings....

joesixpack in Houston, Texas

Do you have to join the union?

I don't want to work for a union but UPS sounds good. Do you have to join the union to work there?

AP in Chevy Chase, Maryland

Signed up for Night Shift, but twilight is available.

I applied to work as package handler at night, but UPS has yet to call me. It appears on their website that twilight shift is now available as well....

Tommy Barfield in Albany, Georgia

Left Benefits

I worked for UPS for 10 years, how do I find out if I have benefits like 401K coming to me. I was there for 10 years. Please reply to...

Tommy Barfield in Albany, Georgia


I worked for ups back in 1985 for 10 years. Do I have any 401K or Retirement Benefits comming to me? If so how do I go about getting...

chad in Detroit, Michigan

Is the tour supposed to scare you?

My whole tour is basically the supervisor saying its the worst job in the world (package handler). Are they supposed to say that to scare the future...

buster brown

Updated 83 months ago

Seasonal UPS employment. - 2 Replies

Hi I was hired as a seasonal part-time package handler at UPS in Louisville, KY. I was wondering when I was going to find out if I was going to get...

WonderinginDE in Newark, Delaware

Health Care QA Document Specialist in Delaware

Hi! I was wondering if anyone is familiar with the application process for jobs other than Part-time positions? I applied for a job opening in...

Jackk in Memphis, Tennessee

Does UPS give drug tests on interview?

I have a interview with UPS next week and was wondering do they give drug tests on spot, on the interview and would it be a piss test or whatever...

atay in Portland, Connecticut

Casual to Permanent - 30 yr UPS

I'm on my third 3 month stint as a casual driver. I will be working till the New Year. How many Casual stints should I expect to do before I am...

Aidan in Los Angeles, California

Updated 83 months ago

did interview tour and filled out forms - 1 Reply

i applied for package handler. i went to the interview, did the tour, and filled out the forms online, went in and filled out the forms in person....

Avant87 in Baldwin, New York

Resignation question for package handlers

When applying for the package handling position the hiring manager told me that if I resign before the end of the first year then I would be banned...

Allen Denton in Shreveport, Louisiana

Package Handling Questions

I applied for a package handling position at my local UPS Hub on 05/19/2010 (which is only two blocks away from my house), and for about 2 months I...

kay123 in Springfield, Virginia

Updated 85 months ago

UPS full time manager earnings? - 1 Reply

How much does a full time manager at UPS make? I know someone who has this job. He works 8-10 hours a day, I knew one week he worked 12-13 because he...

James in College Station, Texas

Package Handler Clothes

What is proper attire for a package handler? What kind of shoes should you wear? Thank you, James

CareerGuru in San Francisco, California

Updated 85 months ago

..had my interview (UPS package handling).. - 1 Reply

So I came to the tour at the time and location specified and talked to the manager of the facility after that. He told me to call him at certain...

LTP in Burlington, Vermont

Air Package Delivery?

Hello, I will be starting next week as a PT Package Handler and my super told me that if I wanted I could also do Air Package delivery. What does...

ChrisBB in Canton, Ohio

After interview? (Part-time Package Handler)

I applied at UPS last month. After getting my app in, I was able to schedule a job tour for the following week. The following week came, I went to...

query a in Louisville, Kentucky

Updated 88 months ago

Policy on hiring employee's relatives? - 2 Replies

My husband is applying at UPS, and my brother in law is a driver there. Should we mark that yes he does have a relative working for UPS on his...

query a in Louisville, Kentucky

Can spouse work in UPS

my husband is already working in UPS on contract. can I apply for any job opening in UPS. I heard there is a policy in UPS for spouse and relative...

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