Do not hire list - how do I fight it?

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Shell in Louisville, Kentucky

31 months ago

I just found out after many weeks of reapplying that I am on the do not hire list, or listed as Unhirable at UPS.

NEver had a problem wth my supe or trainer, 12.21.12 I was told season was over, and I was no longer needed though I know he was lying, because 15minutes bfore he was begging others to work that sunday before Christmas eve - we had been so busy.

My time there was only marred by 2 things, 1 night I had been 3 minutes late due toa storm. and Another supe who I didnt even know yelled at me for 5 minutes infront of everyone like I was sh*t on his boot. He was extremely condescending, rude and mean. Apparently while our norm supe was inclass, this jerk supe was yelling at everyone and being relaly horrible.
Someone finally showedup and asked us all what happened.. The jerk supe was told to stay away from all females on the line, that he didnt work well with women.

After that night the jerk supe (who was a supe of quality and had no right to ever tell us what to do) ignored me completely, even if i would say excuse me so I could walk by, I would have to squeeze past him, he wouldnt move or pretended not to hear me - Even when I asked for help!
2 days before I was let go, I had a nice review from my trainer, everything was fine, except a reminder about keeping my backstraight when I bent at the knews.

so how do I fight this unhirable? maybe I wasnt the best package handler, maybe my strengths lie somewhere else, but to be banned from ever working at UPS again is way harsh and unfair!

I KNOW its because I took part in complaining agaisnt another supe,& possibly my age.
when I was told I was no longer needed because season ended he was there smiling and laughing next to my normal supe. I KNOW its because I complained about him This is harrassment because I turned him in, and possibly because of my age - they hired everyone else there in my wing, and no one ther eis over the age of 25.

Who can I call or contact? I want to fight this!

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