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Tasksgirl in Los Angeles, California

73 months ago

I applied for the Driver Helper in my city and it said (current openings) not backup. It asked me for SS# and a few yes or no questions then told me I qualified to start an application.

"Congratulations, you have qualified to fill out an application for a UPS job.

The UPS job application can usually be completed in about 15 minutes. To complete the application you will enter personal information as well as detailed information about your education and previous employment, including addresses and dates.

If you are ready to continue now, click on the "Continue" button to fill out an application."

It then took me to the application center and made me create a password. Then when I clicked on the job to complete the application it says:

"The location you have selected does not have any available appointment times for the work shift you indicated as your preference. This does not mean this location is not hiring and additional appointment times may become available soon. You have an option to keep your job inquiry for this location and wait for available appointment times to become available or consider changing to another location that does have immediate appointment times available."

Then when I go back it says application completed but I never had to fill any application out. I know they do have further detailed applications because for another position (Administrative Assistant) it made me fill out a whole app. Do they just not have applications for Drivers Helper or is there some error or can you not fill one out until appointments are available? What does this mean anyway that appointments are available?

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Tasksgirl in Los Angeles, California

73 months ago

oh yeah and they say pending instead of active..

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7 months ago

Trying to pull up my application to complete

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Blaze in Boston, Massachusetts

17 days ago

I filled out a few applications on the UPS site. One of them doesn't show up on the list of My Applications. Initially I went through Advanced Job Search, found a list of jobs in my area, clicked on this one, & went all through the application process, at the end it said my application was completed. Did the same with others, all of those are listed, but not this one. I went back to check; thinking I might need to do it over, clicked on "Apply Now", had to answer the preliminary questions, then a page came up that said "we have received your information and will keep it on file, will notify you if openings occur, or some thing like that. Still not listed. Anyone know why?

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