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Tayva in Olathe, Kansas

77 months ago

Hey all. I have been reading a few things about transfers, but I still have a couple questions and wanted to know if anyone knew the answers. My husband has been working at UPS for almost 12 years now. Once I get my degree, I would very much like to move to a different state for a specific job and I asked him if he would be able to transfer. He said that UPS only allows part-time employees who are seeking education elsewhere to transfer. But from what I understand, there are many reasons that a transfer would be possible. I also have read that even though he would lose center seniority, he would not lose his company seniority and therefore would still be able to have the same benefits and retirement plans available to him. What about pay rates? Are those kept the same or would he have to start over completely? It wouldn't seem fair to put him at a lower pay rate even if he did lose seniority. Can someone please help?

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Natalie in Salt Lake City, Utah

77 months ago

I recently transferred as a part-time employee of 4 years from Ky to UT. I must say it's not easy, but it is possible. The only transfer that UPS approves is an educational transfer. He just has to enroll in school, and write a cover letter stating why he feels that he needs to transfer FOR SCHOOL. He will lose building seniority and maintain his company seniority. He will keep his pay, but may lose a dollar depending on whether his job is "skilled," (meaning that he's a sorter, irregs, or something similar that he had to take a test for) but if he takes the sort test at his new location he can get his dollar raise back. He'll keep his vacations and benefits as well. If you ask me, it would be worth it for him to enroll in a couple of classes (he only needs to be enrolled in one) just so he can transfer. Good luck, and I hope everything works out.

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kijanaadamson in Taylorsville, Utah

47 months ago

I have been employed by UPS in UT for 1 year and 1 month. My husband mentioned that we might move to WA in December. What are the chances of my getting a transfer so quickly and during Peak Season?

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