Just got an scheduled interview with UPS for Package Deliver Driver

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joeykon1 in West Simsbury, Connecticut

34 months ago

Ok, I am doing this here in Connecticut. How does this work when I go for the already scheduled interview. It says you do a 90 minute facility tour before the interview. The First interview I have is for Package Delivery Driver. Even though it says there are openings is there really or do they try to push you to another position first. Thanks.

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CatWmn in Shelton, Connecticut

23 months ago

My husband went for a TT driver position (the posting specifically said they were hiring TT drivers with class A). This was not an internal UPS posting, but a public one. He has over 25 years experience with other cos. safety award, etc. He was looking for seasonal to get his foot in the door and willing to take the chance. HR said there were no TT position available to outsiders. They would start him scanning packages...what a waste. You would think they would have been honest up front instead of wasting his time, day off, etc.

However, he did then apply at another (non CT) location and they were actually looking ot hire experienced drivers.

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UPS Employee in Buffalo Grove, Illinois

22 months ago

If you are starting the job from the street as we say. Just coming in to drive for seasonal, HR usually ships you off to school right away. Well that's what happens around here. No matter where the driving school is, if you live far away UPS will give you a hotel (Very nice hotel) to stay at for a week. There's a lot of work that goes in it.

It's been a long time since I've took that tour. I believe that you take the tour when everyone's working twilight. I don't know it is for season drivers though. I think like I said HR just ships you to school.

It's harder when your just off the street learning our ways. My suggestion for all your newbies out there get into the just early. Work the hubs. It might be hard at first, there's a lot of work to but into it. Take it from experience. I've been at UPS for 7 years I love the place, more like a love hate relationship haha. But it all comes with its benefits. I think your best bet would be to work the hub for a 2 - 3 years then put your name on the driver list. They will call you when they are ready for you. Lot of paper work goes into it. lot of time. Then when your a driver for a year get your name on the feeder list. THAT'S WHERE THE MONEY IS!

- Know how to drive stick (Manual transmission for all you old school guys/girls out there :-P).
- Need to know (5 key seeing habits (Word for word) 10 keys of commentary (Just bold))
- You have to have a Class C Permit or drivers license.

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