Should a part-timer join the union?

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Anonymous007 in Pennsylvania

84 months ago

Must be a taboo topic?

Radar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

83 months ago

Haha, not taboo. They must admit you to the union for all fairness. UPS is mainly a parttimer anyway. The union has wonderful benefits. Ask HR and she/he would be more than willing to blab about all that is to offer.

clowng in Wisconsin

65 months ago

You should join the union. It can be a great protection if you start getting disciplined. A union rep will go into meetings with you just keep things on the up & up. If you are a driver and are terminated you will need the union to get your job back. Pay your dues, you may need their help.

Stan Cooks in atlanta, Georgia

65 months ago

You can't get into management if you are in the Union. Driving is ok for some but don't let that be your only alternative. Do what you are suppose to do and your job won't be in jeopardy, it's really not that hard. Getting fired is also somewhat difficult. You'd have to do something really stupid like steal or physically injure/harass someone to get the boot.

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