Son is getting the run around about receiving his last paycheck from UPS (seasonal work)

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Rorbert Armakovitch in Middlefield, Massachusetts

73 months ago

My son is 18 and took a job at UPS this December as a drivers helper. His last day was Dec 24 and he turned his uniform in on Dec 26. HE waited for his paycheck the next week but it never came. Then a nother week went by. OK, maybe it just go lost. So he went down to the Local UPS headquarters and let them know he never received his last paycheck. And so it begin - the person who handles that isn't here - we'll call you ex..basically all kind of response designed to make him go away. (afterall - he's just some 18 year old kid)

So this is continuing. Now it's the check will be here tommorow. He goes down - no check. Next it's we're having it overnighted but the Overnight delivery is late. He called a few times and finally they said it never came in with todays package of checks.

We checked to see if there is anyone we can escalate this up to at UPS. No luck there.

Has anyone else had a simular prob;em with UPS?

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myzticalC in Saint Petersburg, Florida

73 months ago

My husband was also a seasonal employee for UPS and has not received his paycheck. He has gone there on several occasions as well as made calls concerning this matter. He was last told almost two weeks ago that they were going to cut him a new check and mail it out to him. However a check has not arrived as of today. If your son ever receives his paycheck, please let me know what has to be done. Thank you.

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Rorbert Armakovitch in Williamsburg, Massachusetts

73 months ago


As it turns out they had direct deposited his check. But, he did not know this since the last check was suppose to be mailed. It took a few visits to finally get to someone who acctually checked on the issue for him.

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Skatealone in Tracy, California

70 months ago

This doesn't surprise me, I worked for Ups and had money with held numerous times. Odd they seem to be the one job out of all the jobs I had, that could not seem to pay me for the work I did.

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