UPS Drivers Helper

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Justin Wilson in Bronx, New York

66 months ago

I'm just sharing my experience.

I'm 19
I applied online for a Seasonal Drivers Helper Job.

I received an immediate date for an interview.

The interview was about 2 minutes. Basic questions about your last job if you had one. Etc. Its basically a quick check to see if you are good enough for 2 months of work without stealing or causing trouble.
(Dress Business. Its not necessary but, why not go all out?)

He Or She Will Say We Will Call You...

About a week and a half after the interview I was called to come in clean shaven for orientation(After This Call Your Hired)

Come to orientations with whatever you want on. Your just coming to learn the rules, watch some saftey videos & get your uniform. (expect to be there around 8 hours)paid

Then you meet the driver somewhere day 1. and get paid on the 2weeks of work (friday)

I want to make it stress free for anyone who is going in to get this job.

Its easy and simple as long as your "normal" & capable of lifting boxes.

Lisa in Fitchburg, Massachusetts

66 months ago

Hi Justin - I was glad to see your information. Can you tell me if you were required to take a urine test for drug use for the job.


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