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seasonaldriverhelper in Osterville, Massachusetts

98 months ago

I am 30 years of age I am a HARD worker. Currently it is hard to find work on Cape Cod I check web sites and the papers even cregslist and I come across this on the UPS web site, "UPS DRIVER HELPERS FOR SEASONAL EMPLOYMENT WANTED" so I jump at it because one of the main package plants for Cape Cod is not that far away from where I live I filled out the application and got called for an interview that went well ....even if it only took 2 min which kinda weird-ed me out but hay why complain I got a time to be at orientation ( oh I did not mention I have one job already and I had to take time off to do all this, interview, orientation, ect not to mention fuel.) I was excited and could not wait i was happy my wife was so re-leaved that we now could make it through the winter....right. So orientation was fun i hung on every word and even asked some questions I felt good, at the end the man that hosted the orientation gave us a number to call and that person would tell us where to go to meet the driver and get the uniform. (I made it clear that I would work anywhere on Cape Cod.) The next day I was ready to go had my lunch snacks water and warm clothes extra socks and I was all stretched out limbered my self up I call at 7am on the dot and the woman says "I will call you back in an hour" no call after an hour so I called UPS again and she says "Sorry we don't need anyone in your area" I was a bit upset so I said thank you and hung up before I said what I wanted to, so I called later to make it clear that I was willing to work ANY WHERE ON CAPE COD just in case they did not get my paper work in just yet and she says on Monday to call again so I did. "I am working on the planed route now I will call you back in an hour" I HAD IT AT THAT POINT SO I went to work at my other job called my boss and he said sure come on in. Now the next day is no different she says "Sorry WE DONT HAVE ANYTHING FOR YOUR AREA'. So why are they lieing to me and others that need the work?

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clowng in Wisconsin

97 months ago

This is typical. Linear thinking. They record the town you live in. If the work comes in ok in that area and they don't need a helper. Then your off that day. You need to talk to the Helper Coordinator and watch them write next to your name where you can help. Could be they hired too many helpers, also typical as so many quit when they find out they are tossed out of the Brown truck, given a hand cart and told to slog through the snow. Bless you for continuing to try!

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