UPS driver school?

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upsnewbie in West Palm Beach, Florida

125 months ago

Hey everyone,

Can anyone tell me a little bit about the delivery driver training school with UPS?
I just had my interview last week,and then passed my road test yesterday. The guy at UPS told me once i got my physical done,I will be sent to the school.
It's supposed to be a seasonal job till the end of the year,do you think I have any chance to get hired on a permanent basis after that?

ty all for ur answers.

Raven in Lutherville Timonium, Maryland

55 months ago

How was the class? Hubby will be going soon and looking for any information you can share. Thanks

GGC in Orlando, Florida

54 months ago

Great class. I went in Chicago in 2012 for a Package Delivery Driver. We tested in manually and automatic trucks. The most important thing is to know you 10 and 5 rules.

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