UPS requires you to sell your soul before joining the team

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ace in West Bloomfield, Michigan

126 months ago

I've worked at UPS for a couple years now and it's unreal how they treat their employees. I'm basicly a number, everything I do is a number. We're not even allowed to go to the bathroom without permission, let alone talk. Only reason I'm still there is benefits, it's not worth the aggrevation. Oh, if you're trying to snag a driving job don't bother there either, that's a union job and it would take about 6-7 years to drive depending on what center you're at. I don't know why they post those jobs on their website.

box kicker in Oregon City, Oregon

126 months ago

Subpar pay, heavy workloads from start to finish, supervisors on power trips, extreme weather (freezing in winter, sweltering in summer) and just a high level of overall bull. Like most, the only reason I stick around is benefits, primarily, tuition assistance. As soon as I graduate, I'm dropping that job like a hot potato.

Jane in Stamford, Connecticut

126 months ago

Same thing when I worked in their headquarters for a few years. Like being in the Marines. You have no life of your own.

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