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Sue Me in Gig Harbor, Washington

107 months ago

don't respond to people who want to talk off line

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C_ D_ in Plano, Texas

105 months ago

Are they? GOOD! I would love to have this sent directly to Bob Davis.

My husband busted his butt for this country for over 21 years. He was a member of USAA. Paid plenty of interest on those 2 credit cards his ex-wife ran up and the court ordered him to pay, too.

She ran us in and out of court for the last 10 years for every kind of high-priced, lawyer-necessary type of crap. We had to live on credit cards to make ends meet. In the end, we had to file for bankruptcy to be able to make a new start. But since he was ordered to pay the one USAA card with her name still on it [USAA refused to remove her name], we continued to pay it.

Anyone who's been through it knows bankruptcy is not the "easy way out". It's a horrible, traumatic, gut-wrenching, but sometimes necessary thing to have to do. Over a year later, we were trying to regain our credit and we had made huge strides in recovering. I decided, since I thought we were still members of USAA, to call & see if we could save any money by switching our car insurance to USAA. The "customer service" woman told me we were no longer welcome to use member services, since we had filed for bankruptcy.

We were paying off one card, but had included another, much smaller amount in the BK. She claimed that we had cheated the other members out of that money & we were considered less than honest & therefore not worthy of a USAA membership any longer. I told her that I was quite sure that the loss they suffered from our BK was written off as just that, a loss, on USAA's taxes, just like any other business. She screamed at me, "OH, NO WE DID NOT!" *sigh* Fine.

Finally got close to paying it off, & called for a payoff amount. It seemed as though they were missing a payment and after much discussion they convinced me that we still owed $152.06. So, I paid it. Yup, you guessed it. Overpaid. And now? They won't send they check without the ex-wife's name on it. Basically uncashable for us. Nice. Company of thieves.

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13 years down the drain in Suffolk, Virginia

90 months ago

Believe me, I understand your pain! My husband was in the service for 20 years. I WORKED FOR USAA FOR 13 YEARS! I went out on FMLA for a number of medical issues, including extreme stress and exhaustion, and my physicians were trying to tie everything, or at least some of the issues together via testing, etc. As a result, with no single, specific diagnosis, the disability plan I should have had as a benefit was denied to me! When my FMLA ran out and I did not have a return to work date yet, I was terminated. I appealed the disability decision to Liberty Mutual, the administrators of USAA's disability plan, and it was denied. I then appealed it to USAA's benefit plan administrator and received a portion of it (I'd had ankle surgery during the FMLA period and a year afterwards was finally awarded disability payment for 3 weeks!) By the time I filed the second appeal, I'd received the diagnosis my doctor was searching for when I went out on leave. Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. However, because the original request for disability was written up by my doctor as my having numerous conditions which needed continual follow-up instead of something like my having numerous issues that were indicative of something that needed additional testing to reach a diagnosis and that they did not want me working until the diagnosis was made and the condition treated/resolved if possible, I was again denied the short term disability and of course, the ultimate long-term disability I should be receiving.

The end result of all of that? We also had to file a BK. My salary was the higher of the two between my husband and myself. He does receive military retirement and service-related disability pay, and he has a job, but my salary and bonuses were over $50k a year. That's a huge income cut. We've lost our boat, our home, our credit and our confidence. My husband, who feels it is his job to support us as the man of the house, has been suicidal.

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13 years down the drain in Suffolk, Virginia

90 months ago

I think the thing that was the ultimate insult to us from USAA is when they confiscated our son's first start savings account to apply to part of our debt with them! The justification they used to take money from a child was the fact that my name was on the account because THEY REQUIRE AN ADULT ON THE APPLICATION FOR ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18! It was only $53, not a huge sum and certainly not enough to pay off a credit card debt, but do you think they cared? Of course not!

We had to move from our home and now rent. My son has cleaned out his piggy bank and told us to use it if we need money. While I am proud of his generosity, I am heartbroken that he has been placed in this position.

As someone with a number of medical problems (pacemaker, diabetes, fibromyalgia, 2 different forms of cancer, etc.) I needed my health and life insurance that were part of my benefits. Can you imagine the cost of my getting life insurance, assuming anyone would even offer it? It is not even a possibility for me as it would cost significantly more than we could possibly afford. This places an additional financial burden on my family. I know my time here is limited, but without life insurance, I can't afford to die!

I once loved my job because I loved providing service to the men and women of the military. I promoted the company outside of work, walking up to servicemembers in airports and stores, thanking them for their service and offering my work number for any assistance they might need. Now, I can't bring myself to say anything kind about the company. I still have insurance with them, but only because I anticipate their canceling the policies as they come up for renewal.

I truly hope Joe is reading this. Perhaps, if he has an ounce of compassion, he will choose to do the right thing. Somehow, I doubt it.

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