Tattoos in the workplace

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Navy Girl in Denton, Texas

18 months ago

I am scheduled to have a second interview for a management job and have read a lot of reviews stating that women working for Uline must wear skirts. I served in the Navy, and have several tattoos as a side effect of my enlistment. I happen to have a rather large foot/ankle/leg tattoo (flowers, nothing too crazy). Am I wasting my time with the interview? It seems like this company is pretty conservative and would not be open to workers having visible tattoos.

Wandering in Seal Beach, California

18 months ago

Are you in customer service or in the warehousing? If in warehousing I do not think the skirt requirement applies and your tattoos can be easily covered by pants. With you living in Texas that maybe a problem with the heat you got out there. I have good news and bad news for you if it is customer service or the like ("office work").

Visible tattoos on women are frowned upon in customer service but out of all of the Uline warehouses in the country and that includes Minnesota, the texas warehouse is the most employee friendly due to the very good leadership there. Play up your service if you have not as they respect it out there and leadership will vouch for you. It does not hurt to try and you are applying at the best possible warehouse that would allow the tattoos in the first place. Anywhere else I would say not bother.

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