Need advise on how to get employed back at UnitedHealth Group after being terminated last March.

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Jessicadawn in Green Bay, Wisconsin

31 months ago

Looking for any advice on how to get back employed at UnitedHealth Care. I worked there for almost 7 years and was terminated last March. I've applied on their website for for sales and customer service position, I did both while I was employed there, but everytime I apply for a position I receive an email a day or two later telling me basically that I'm not experienced enough for the position. I'm confused since I have almost 7 years experience doing almost the exact job and I possess all the requirement. Any advise someone can give me would
be great!! I loved my job and working for UHG just had some family issues that took my focus away from my job and I really want to get back to were I was on my career path at UnitedHealth Group! Any info or help is greatly appreciated! Thanks:)

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Jennifer Hinds in Phoenix, Arizona

31 months ago

Apply at another place and don't waste your time on United Health Care.

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iwas in Troy, New York

29 months ago

My question is why do you want to go back to work for an employer who wouldn't support you during a time of family troubles? Take the advice of the previous poster. There are good companies out there who will work with you during trying times. UHC is not one of them. This area was hit pretty badly by Hurricane Irene a couple of years ago, YET they tried to cajole people into risking life and limb to come into the office and ride out the hurricane doing "extra overtime." Unbelievable. Oh and when there were earth tremors down around the Greenville, NC area, we received an email from a manager who was happy to report that the BUILDING was ok (no mention of the people though). Terrible place with a terrible culture.

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Linda in Columbia, Tennessee

3 months ago

Were you ever able to get rehired? I was terminated in January and while I'm working elsewhere, united offers so many opportunities. I would love to work for them again also. I have thought about reaching out to my former manager to see if there was any hope for rehire in the future but I figured I'd check forums first.

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12yearsofhell in Chico, California

1 month ago

If the company terminated you, they will not rehire. It's even difficult for those who have left voluntarily for one reason or another to get rehired. But if the company terminated your employment then you pretty much have no chance. Sorry. (I've been there 12 yrs, trust me- it is a blessing in disguise)

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