This company is horrible.

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Jeanne in Tallahassee, Florida

109 months ago

I worked for them 10 years ago and bailed out after only five months. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

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Shelley in Coarsegold, California

109 months ago

This was a good company back when it was Woodward Clyde. I worked in the san jose, CA office for 3 years and worked my way up from receptionist to Office Administrator. I helped with the merger with URS, I flew to Florida and learned new software and came back to share it with the office. I had to resigned due to my husbands transfer to Nevada. The Nevada office didn't have any positions for me at that time. Five years later My husband and I decided to move back, only to a place just outside of Fresno, CA. I went online and posted my resume on URS website, hoping to get a chance to work with them, while I waited I found a job nearby that sounded pretty good, so I took it. After I started working there I received a phone call from the Recuiter and was pursued by URS for 3 months for me to work for the Fresno Office, after working there for 7 months, I was Terminated for no reason AT ALL. My Friends and Co-Workers where shocked and very upset. I spoke to the VP of operations and no one cared. I was left with NO ANSWER, NO INCOME, NO WRITE UP, NO INS. NO NOTHING. What a SLAP in the face!!! I was even Threated by another employee, and nothing happened. TALK ABOUT BS! I WAS LEFT CRUSHED BY A COMPANY I DEDICATED MY TIME TO AND GAVE UP ANOTHER JOB FOR IT! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND LOOKING ELSE WHERE!

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bmd5150 in Rock Hill, South Carolina

105 months ago

I worked in the Buffalo office for four years and try to work them again. I was told they won't hire you if you leave them.

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cocytus in Fort Wayne, Indiana

104 months ago

Do they ever called anybody back?
I've talked w/ other people and called them myself.
How do they stay in business?

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Civil_Engn in Oakland, California

89 months ago

I would never recommend URS to anyone. I was treated very disrespectfully when I worked there. I was never given any warning or a reason why I was terminated, and the department head was actually laughing at me as I was being fired. He was a bully and a screamer, and everyone at URS knew it, but since he was high up in management and had never been disciplined for his actions, his behavior continued to spin out of control. I never understood why URS allowed him to treat other employees so badly, and why they had not terminated him.

It is a "white men only" company, and they do not like or accept women and minorities in their ranks. They will hire them for diversity purposes, but will not hesitate to let them know they're not welcome.

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computerdude in white planes, New York

83 months ago

URS is more like corporation x with the overhead people are that are decided to be most important people in the company such as accounting, HR, and management, not the engineers who make money for the company. People that are in high positions are likely not experienced, they deligate work to people not qualified but however get an apiffany and decide to have a competent engineer"to take a look". The most common excuse is underqualified engineer is their job to figure it out. however, the managers stupidity usually has this view on things .People are promoted due to the amount of time spent at the company instead of competinency in summary, its wasted talent on managment that sucks. period

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onmyown in Las Vegas, Nevada

63 months ago

This company, and their divisional companies, such as EG&G Tech Services is a horrible company to work for. And management is very vindictive, and do not it when their employees are praised for doing their job while they are away. That is what happened to me, I did their job, was praised by other employees, and other departments for getting the jobs down, that weren't even mine, but I felt they needed to get done. The wouldn't have gotten done either while those people were absent. They were upset when they came back to find out I was patted on the back for doing their job... I was out of work 3 weeks later because I quit and didnt want to work for a company that allowed such ignorance to happen. If you wanna play the politics game, and I dont mean the typical stuff, go to work here, otherwise, I would seriously look somewhere else.

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obredegahgahgah in Manteca, California

56 months ago

wow so many bad comments about this company. i was going to apply, but definitely will not now. i am going to steer clear from a company that sounds so terrible by it's own people.

Anyone with the right mind would setup shop right across the street from their hq and take them on and win.

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Loyal Employee in Las Vegas, Nevada

55 months ago

All of these stories sound so familiar. Wow. Not just me. You are supposed to be loyal to the company but URS is not loyal to it's employees. But that's ok though. They lie to you. The deputy PM even told one of the guys who applied for his job before he got there that you would need to "talk out of both sides of your mouth" or in other words "just lie to people". The Prog Manager for URS in Vegas (who never sees what work is really being done out at the site) just throws people under the bus without regard. Never stands up for any of his people. Doesn't care about anyone working for URS except himself. You are just a body to be chewed up and spit out. Nobody lasts more than about 3 years. Unless you are a great politician and backstabber. Wow. U.R.Screwed.

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longtimevet in Las Vegas, Nevada

55 months ago

Hey Loyal. I worked for URS/EGG too and it was a good company before the new "J-Fyuk3" or JT3 contract too. It's all downhill everywhere you look. No use staying there since your tenure means nothing to them. Just sh*t on you. The admin weenies for JT3 are in town in their nice offices with their heads up their a**es. Screwing the workers out at the work location. They don't give a sh*t about you. A-Holes. No wonder they are always hiring. Nobody stays. Everyone just quits.

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Kevin in Knoxville, Tennessee

26 months ago

I will say my experience with URS has been great. They paid for relocation, I received the offer within a week of the interview, and I received a raise after only being there for 6 months.

Also, the project I'm on had a big layoff (government funding) and of the multiple contractors on the project, URS treated their employees the best. They were upfront on the options and helped place folks on other projects if they were willing to move.

Instead of outright firing them, the employees were placed on standby so they could still keep their benefits and earn vacation for up to 3 months. Note that they had to pay their portion of the monthly premium; which was covered by their earned vacation in most cases.

I have multiple friends that work in the Fort Mill, SC office and they have similar feelings. It's not always the most interesting work, but they are a solid employer.

I don't interface with the corporate offices very much, so I can't vouch for all locations.

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Former engineer in San Diego, California

24 months ago

I worked for the San Diego office for six years and worked on some high profile projects. The management is totally mess. After agreed that my work load is several more time than other engineers, I was told that I have fair evaluation because I have the same evaluation as others. After telling me he agreed that I am good, he told me he can not give me good evaluation because he would have to promote me. But guess who got the promotion, a new guy who sat there for one year essentially doing nothing. After complaining to the management, I was essentially fired for no reason.

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redshredder667@*****.*** in Texarkana, Texas

19 months ago

Urs does suck. They never say good job, just walk around worried about if u have a cell phone on u. When I worked there they lowered our sick n leave time by have. Then halved it again 6 month's later.then took away they're boot allowance which wasn't much anyway. Then took away all breaks. They r horrible n stressful. New colonel at rrad reemed Billy Harriet n said u don't treat it people right fix it or Urs won't b here any longer. They're on there way out n New contractors r coming in. Mark my words.....second :)

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theresa in Brookhaven, Pennsylvania

18 months ago

Jeanne in Tallahassee, Florida said: I worked for them 10 years ago and bailed out after only five months. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

So true

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theresa in Brookhaven, Pennsylvania

18 months ago

Urs corp is. the worst politics among management and employees unethical . gets rid of good employees.

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se in Virginia Beach, Virginia

18 months ago

I hope someone from management reads these posts, I recently went on a interview for a plane captain job in Norfolk, first impression when walking through hangar no one looked happy, went to interview the guy must have spent half of it talking about how the company is all about making money and crunching the numbers, the other guy at the interview just sat there on a couch the line supervisor checking off something on a clipboard said nothing, they asked me some stupid questions that I thought were rhetorical anyway to make a long story short I did not get the job, I was way qualified 20 years military aviation mech A@P MECH CERTIFIED, was probably more qualified and educated than the would be supervisor, anyway the interviewer says you know this is just a plane captain job I said yes he says you know we have hired ex chicken farmers that do this job better than people with any aviation experience, I said really? about half way through the interview I knew I was not even going to take the job if offered, hey nothing like no sick time, no leave for a year and so forth, will never apply for another job there..... guess they hired that chicken farmer guy that was going for a interview after me lol what a joke and they wonder why they have panels falling off the aircraft

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