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Financialguy in Naples, Florida

93 months ago

Can anyone explain the various financial advisor, financial planner, wealth manager etc., positions at USAA? I want to apply for a position, but I can't figure out which I should apply to based on my experience and skill set.

Some other questions:

Does USAA informally give preference to vets?
If you are not in a call center capacity, how difficult is it to move into other areas?
Do those with military backgrounds tend to fare better at USAA?

Thanks for your time.

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MrAZ in Anytown, Arizona

93 months ago

They have a "financial advice center" there which is general financial advice. If you get there be prepared to spend half your time taking transfers from other areas of people who are just a destroyed financial position and in no position to buy anything. These transfers are made so the other departments can get credit for hitting the "referal" button on their screen. The other hald expect to spend cramming every insurance, banking, and investment product down their throat.

They do not hire for advanced positions, like bond desk, etc unless you have direct experience somewhere else. The whole "financial advice" area will be hard to get directly into unless you worked in that capacity somewhere else. No matter what expect to be expected to refer, refer, refer every and any USAA product no matter what the need or not.

There is "unofficial" preference to vets. You do not get automatic preference like at the post office, but USAA likes vets because they understand the members better. They also understand the management mentality.

If you get hired, expect to be in a call center and expect to be in one for the duration of your career. It is as simple as that.

People with a military background sometimes do better. If you were in a military capacity where the process was "don't think, just do as you are told" then you will do well at USAA. USAA wants robots on the phones.

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Financialguy in Naples, Florida

93 months ago

Thanks for your response.

I realize that the work I'd be doing would be primarily on the phone. I wasn't clear about that in my original post. I'm on the phone with clients much of my day now so I guess it wouldn't be any better per se. What is confusing to me is that while they seem to have so many different layers of financial advisors--some working with higher net worth clients, or in more specialized areas--they don't have clear delineation between duties. It looks like they have different names for what amounts to the same job.

Are they doing this to attract different candidates? For example, someone might not apply to one of their financial advisor positions because they see themselves as a financial planner, so USAA advertises for a financial planner but then has the person do the same work as a non-credentialed advisor.

I've been in the business for about ten years and I have my CFP, and more...

I like military management style myself, though I understand many do not. It's not for everyone. I suppose there are drawbacks.

Thanks. I appreciate your input.

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