Don't Do It.

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Mary in Redding, California

25 months ago

I figured i'd put in my experience.

I was in college and desperate for a job, so i was applying pretty much everywhere. I got a call back for a "sales representative" job and i was incredibly excited. The job was listed in a very deceptive manner, leading anyone reading it to think they have "pre-set" appointments for you to attend and sale a product.

The interview is the same story as most (run-down building, lack of decor, etc.) but the younger man interviewing me went on about how they were looking for "professionalism" and etc. It was emphasized to me that this wasn't a door to door sales gig, but the appointments were all "pre-set". I explained that i was willing, but i had a week (three weeks after the interview) that i would not be able to work or be contacted. Got a big "not a problem!". I was then offered the "second interview", which turned out to be him running through the manual they use to sell knives. After this i was promptly offered the job, and very excited i agreed (despite the training being unpaid).

The training was learning to go through the manuals and cut pennies, etc. The knives were high quality but the training was literally just reading the manual. It wasn't until the second day that we were informed we would be setting our own appointments, with family and friends! I agreed to continue because i had already spent so much time there i figured, why not give it a shot? Things went downhill. I was asked to provide names for people who might be interested (long before i had ever experienced what the job was like). I was uncomfortable doing so, so i declined. I was then promptly pressured into it by the manager. I only gave over names after being assured, they would be called once and if they were interested that was it.

The job experience was completely different then i was lead to believe.

Mary in Redding, California

25 months ago

After my first two "training" appointments my boss started asking me why i wasn't selling, and that "the knives pretty much sell themselves". I didn't know very many people in the city so i was having trouble setting up phone appointments. My manager insisted i tell people it was for training, despite my training period being up.

He also started asking me to "call him" during the last part of the demonstration (trying to sell the biggest set of knives) to ask for "manger specials". We were told these specials beforehand, and the calling was just to trick the customer. He even asked us to pretend that we were talking to him "oh yeah? really we can do that! awesome" even if we just got his voice mail.

By this point i was getting uncomfortable with the whole experience. I then had friends starting to complain that despite telling Vector they were not interested they were getting phone calls over and over again. I went to talk to Vector, as it was my reputation on the line, and they said "i don't know what you are talking about, we don't call back if we aren't given the impression people want to be". I asked they take the names of the friends complaining off the list as i stood their, and they refused saying they couldn't. This was the receptionist and the boss.

A little while later i talked to the manager and tried to leave my knives with him for the week period i had stipulated before that i would not be working or be able to be contacted. I asked that he not call me or anything. This was a time some family was going through legal troubles and i was house-sitting /babysitting while they went to court). He insisted i take the knives and set up demonstrations, explaining he didn't want to have to fire me but it didn't seem like i was putting in effort. I conceded i would give the demonstration to the family members i would see, but i was only going to give 1 demonstration and i would still like to not be contacted. Got the green light

Mary in Redding, California

25 months ago

The entire week i was called numerous times, and left half a dozen messages (my phone was off the whole time). When i returned the boss again threatened to fire me. Worse yet i was told because i had gotten my papers for the demonstration in late (which my manager had told me i could do) i would only receive commission off of the sell (1.40 cents or something along those lines) and nothing for the second demonstration i had done to try to please my boss and show that i was trying.

The final straw was a bit later when i was called in the office and required to do my "phone time" to set up appointments there. After this my manager again emphasized that i needed to be telling people it was training, and he needed me to be calling him during my sales pitch. I explained i was uncomfortable with that and was told that this was "how to make the sell, and it was basic selling skills etc.)

That next day i came in and explained i was resigning. The manager barely looked up from his paperwork, and then tried to charge me because the knife set i was turning in didn't have one of the paper covers on it!

Terrible, stressful experience and certainly a sketchy company in the way it is set up and ran. It's unlikely you'll make any money, and if you do you'll probably be asked to deceive your friends. Don't do it!

Yep... in Brooklyn, New York

25 months ago

I know exactly what you're referring to. I had an experience like that when I was looking for work after high school. I was led to believe I would have an office position, but instead I came across this crap.

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