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XavierX4 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Applied several times, have never heard back.

I've applied to work as a customer service representative at the Cranberry Woods, PA location. I've applied 5 or 6 times in the past year or so, have...

badriannab in York, Pennsylvania

Updated 75 months ago

face to face interview only lasted 15 min - 3 Replies

I applied for retail sales rep position on 1/14 i got a call from the recruiter the same day to setup my phone interview had my phone interview 1/17....

Anon in Columbus, Ohio

Updated 75 months ago

disappointed - 2 Replies

wait forever for a response after the first interview, finally was informed today, I was no longer being considered. I can't understand this because...


Updated 75 months ago

The Interview Process - 12 Replies

What is the problem with their HR Dept. those people think they are GOD, 3 Interviews, 4 test all of which I Passed and then they tell you, "I don't...

Lee in Chico, California

Updated 76 months ago

Verizon Wireless training/dress code - 1 Reply

I just got hired at a Verizon Wireless store as a CSR. What should I wear to training and what will the dress code be in store? do they give you a...

lbatton in Richmond, Texas

Administrative Assistant Interview Questions.....

Applied for an admin position. Got a call for an interview and now VERY curious what types of questions they will ask?? I want to be well prepared....

Ms. W in Lithonia, Georgia

Updated 77 months ago

Additional Interviews - 14 Replies

Hi All!! I recently applied for a Tech Support position. I passed my initial phone interview and go to take my assessment on Monday. I've read...

photography lover in Vancouver, Washington

No high school diploma ................yet?!

I was told I would make a good team member at a local Verizon store. The only problem I see is the fact that I am 18 and still working on my diploma....

BowRat in Fort Pierce, Florida

Updated 78 months ago

Recently applied. - 1 Reply

I applied for a position as Customer Service Rep on November 6, and four days later have yet to receive any word (yea or nay) from Verizon. I'm...


2 weeks after the f2f interview

Had first phone interview on 10/14 passed second phone interview 10/19 passed so the recruiter send my info to a store manager on 10/26 I get a phone...

chickadee in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Call Center Training/Holidays/Exact days of pay??

I just got offered a CSR job and I begin training on November 16. The training is scheduled during the holiday season and with the Tues-Sat...

KeVF0325 in Waterbury, Connecticut

Updated 78 months ago

applied - 1 Reply

I applied to verizon in march 2010. I was going threw my 2010. I was going threw my background check but I notified the recruiter that I had an...

Kevin in Waterbury, Connecticut

Updated 78 months ago

Verizon Wireless New-Hire Training - 1 Reply

I am freaking out! I just found out that I got the job at Verizon however, this morning I just found out that one of my very best friends died. Now...

seng hang in Wilmington, North Carolina

face to face interview

Can someone who had a face to face interview with the supervisor tell me how it went? What kind of questions do they ask? anything will be helpful. ...

Educational PC in Ellenwood, Georgia

Updated 79 months ago

Background Check Notification - 3 Replies

I am set to start at VZW soon and was wondering if you are notified that you have passed your background check or do you just show up on your first...

mikey4prez in Elizabeth, New Jersey

What I need to know about Verizon Wireless

Hello guys, I'm new to the Indeed forums, but I have a couple questions that need to be answered as far as working as a Retail Sales Rep at Verizon...

Newhire in Tacoma, Washington

New hire as a sales rep in west region wa

Hey can anyone give me any info as far as working as a sales rep in store, i know about benefits but how does the commission structure work, store...

lwatkins04 in Summerville, South Carolina

Updated 80 months ago

Alpharetta Call Center - 3 Replies

Very interested in knowing what the environment is like in the Alpharetta Call Center. I've heard some scary things. What are the hours for training?...

Wanda in Newark, New Jersey

Interview Process

I had an phone interview by Verizon Wireless HR Recruiter , passsed that. Came in to take the assessment , passed that. Did a interview w/ hr and two...

MoHutt in Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Updated 83 months ago

Got an offer with Verizon Wireless -Background check complete - Now what? - 2 Replies

Just got hired outside of Pittsburgh for a retail sales position with Verizon Wireless. Got offered the job, then completed all the background...

roamer09 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

VZW Telesales Rep. Position

Hi all, Can anyone give me some info. about the Telesales Rep. job? Is it commmission only or base plus commission and are the sales quotas hard...

Mr Bob Dabolina in DFW, Texas

Updated 86 months ago

If I'm 35, do I stand a chance of getting hired as retail sales rep at VZW? - 2 Replies

I have a college degree but I keep hearing of a younger work force regarding stores and retail sales rep jobs. Anyone know if they tend to only...

tuliana in Tampa, Florida

3 Interview with VW at Biligual Coordinator CS Tampa

I had 3 interview(phone , test, face to face ) What happend now? they said me that they will call me in 20-25 days!!!.. how are the process to hire?...

juanma in Omaha, Nebraska

Verizon interview

I need some questions for Retail Customer Support Representative, I have interview tomorrow by phone.thanks

trvsgrvs in Brunswick, Georgia

Updated 88 months ago

Trying to get hired in Brunswick, Georgia - 20 Replies

Hey everybody! I submitted my application and resume on December 17th and still I haven't heard anything back from anybody. I called the store...

MHAdontWork in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Updated 89 months ago

Does VZW Rehire? - 1 Reply

I left a Verizon call center after 2 yrs. The job was too stressful for me @ the time, so I gave my two weeks and resigned. That was in June 2006....

akde in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Verizon employee involvement?

Hi all, I'm not sure if this is appropriate for here, but I'm trying to get a sense of the Verizon culture. Specifically, wondering to what extent...

ccama23 in Sacramento, California

Interview in the Verizon VSO business unit at Folsom Ca.

I had my phone interview on a Friday and got called back that same day for the live interview the following Monday which was on 11/2/09. I sent in a...

drickard in augusta, Maine

Updated 90 months ago

Applied and told did not meet qualifications - 1 Reply

I applied for a retail sales position and was told I did not meet the qualifications for the position through email. I find this confusing because I...

drickard in augusta, Maine

Updated 90 months ago

Working for Verizon Wireless - 1 Reply

I just received a job offer at Verizon Wireless. I was just wondering when the pay periods are? When can I expect my first paycheck? With...

cesar canaval in dublin, Ohio

Updated 91 months ago

Verizon Wireless Phone Benefits?? - 2 Replies

I just got hired at the Verizon Wireless call center in Dublin Ohio. I was just curious as to the benefits for the phone program? I was told you...

cesar canaval in dublin, Ohio

Updated 91 months ago

verizon wireless call center - 3 Replies

I have a phone interview scheduled for tomorrow. I am not nervous about the interview but I am a little nervous about all I been hearing regarding...

shbee in Decatur, Georgia

Updated 92 months ago

Working for VZW in Arkansas - 3 Replies

I haven't found any topics on employment in Arkansas. I recently accepted a position in southwest Arkansas and was looking for others in the state. ...

Jonathan Turner in Murfreesboro, Arkansas

Updated 94 months ago

hiring process - 1 Reply

I want to know how does it take for verizon to call me after 3 interviews(assistant manager, hr manager, and store manager). I ws told i was going...

Jonathan Turner in Murfreesboro, Arkansas

Updated 94 months ago

verizon wireless - 1 Reply

how do you know if you are hired at verizon because i had my interview today and i interviewed withe hr lady then the supervisor and she said that...

Jonathan Turner in Murfreesboro, Arkansas

Updated 94 months ago

Verizon Wireless Hiring Process in Oklahoma - 1 Reply

I want to provide feedback about the unprofessional manner in which I was treated through the applicant interview process for Verizon Wireless in...

Jonathan Turner in Murfreesboro, Arkansas

Updated 94 months ago

verizon interview hiring process - 1 Reply

just had my face to face interview,at verizon call centerspoke with hr lady then supervisor she said they were going to review all the applicant and...

Jonathan Turner in Murfreesboro, Arkansas

Updated 94 months ago

No Phone Interview. - 1 Reply

From what I heard Verizon usually does a phone interview before a face to face interview.. is it common for them to skip this part.. because that is...

Joe Jackson in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 104 months ago

verizon call center - 2 Replies

Does anyone know what kind of background check that Verizon does besides the obvious,(Criminal and etc.) I'm scheduled to take a test this coming...

ava22 in phoenix, Arizona

Transfering Verizon Wireless

Does anyone know how long you have to work at Verizon Wireless before you can transfer to another state with the company?

D Sager in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Verizon South Carolina Jobs

Looks like my previous post did not accept the html text that I entered, so trying this again as Verizon is hiring in South Carolina, check out their...

janee gaines in Waterford, Michigan

Updated 104 months ago

Becoming A Business Account Executive for Verizon Wireless - 1 Reply

Interviewing with them next week and I'm trying to do some investigative research: 1) What is the base salary? 2) What is the monthly gross...

b2brep in Berwyn, Pennsylvania

Verizon Sales Message Board

check out Post anonymously about Verizon and anything else related to b2b sales


Telesales jobs Listen as Associate Director Mike McKeown describes the role of Telesales and what it's like to work in their Folsom...

Datkidz in Columbus, Ohio

Updated 108 months ago

Verizon Employee Resume Example - 1 Reply

Hi, Are there any Verizon Employee's out there who would care to share how they have their Verizon Wireless Experience Outlined on their Resume....

Datkidz in Columbus, Ohio

Updated 108 months ago

2nd Interview with Verizon - 1 Reply

Hi all, I have a 2nd interview with verizon at the main office. The position I applied for is a customer service position in the retail store....

Hannah in Allentown, New Jersey

Verizon Wireless Telesales Jobs, Folsom CA Listen as Associate Director Mike McKeown describes the role of Telesales and what it's like to work in their Folsom...

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Verizon Wireless Video

Verizon Wireless JV - Jeremiah Rounds

scrmingatawall in Elkridge, Maryland

Updated 111 months ago

Sales - 1 Reply

Can anyone tell me how many hours I would get as a part time sales rep position? Also how do they do the scheduling, how many days per week do part...

scrmingatawall in Elkridge, Maryland

Updated 111 months ago


I am thinking of applying for a Asst. Retail Sales Ops position and wanted more info. on this job. Can anyone please tell me what the main job...

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