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Britney in Nashville in Mooresboro, North Carolina

Updated 40 months ago

Credit Order Operations Support Representative - QUESTIONS PLEASE HELP :) - 13 Replies

Hey everyone, I recently applied for a Credit Order Operations Support Representative position at the Franklin,TN call center. I have a phone...

Murphy2192 in Little Rock, Arkansas

Reapply for Verizon

I applied to verizon wireless about some months ago and the contacted my right away for a phone interview but I blew it. I was wondering when would...

rc32792 in Winter Park, Florida

Interview Process at Lake Mary, FL location

Hi everyone, I have now had 2 separate phone interviews for Analyst positions at the new Lake Mary location of Verizon Wireless. Both phone...

bluemail83 in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

Updated 41 months ago

Verizon Job Openings - 1 Reply

Check out the Version's newest job listings <a href="">Verizon South Carolina Jobs</a>

A3Nicole in Rochester, New York

Updated 42 months ago

Verizon Wireless phone interview - 1 Reply

My phone interview is on Wednesday, February 12th. What kinds of questions do they ask? I want to be prepared. I'm so excited and nervous at the same...

Jeslyn in Salisbury, North Carolina

Another Verizon Wireless question. Where is the training center?

I live in NC about 30ish miles from Charlotte. Where is the closest training center to me? Would I have to go out of State? I hope there's one nearby.

Jeslyn in Salisbury, North Carolina

Verizon Wireless job application follow up

I applied at Verizon Wireless a week ago and I wanted to follow up. I have been trying to locate an email address but all I can find is contact info...

Zjhalik in Brooklyn, New York

What happens in training? What are your responsibilities in training for Verizon?

Tell me what all goes into training on a daily basis for Verizon.

Michael in Georgia in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 44 months ago

Going from AT&T Corporate to Verizon Corporate - 1 Reply

Worked as an authorized dealer for Verizon and wanted to go to the corporate side. Was told that I had to wait 6 months after quitting to apply to...

kman33 in Fort Mill, South Carolina

Pay range

Does anyone know the pay range for customer service rep at the call center in Charlotte, NC? I just applied but just wanted an overall pay range from...

Mirelem in Marion, Texas

Getting hired as retail sales with verizon?

I applied 10/1 for a retail sales with verizon, had my interview on 10/10, and passed my phone interview. I got a call from two locations on monday...

mot544 in East Northport, New York

Automotive fleet supervisor

Does anyone know why there are so many Automotive Fleet Supervisor positions open? It seems like they just opened a hundred new shops? how is this...

SalesRep in Douglasville, Georgia

Retail Sales

In retail sales what does the avg rep make his/her first year? The recruiter said the minimum quota is 14,000

Stevieboy in Charlotte, North Carolina

Verizon interview process

I passed a phone interview and my f2f. After a month I was contacted by the store manager to come in for a second interview. Does anyone know if they...

jay26 in Binghamton, New York

Updated 49 months ago

Background check - 1 Reply

Hello. I have completed two phone interviews and comp assessment. I go for a face to face interview next week. My question is will verizon see a...

The Technician in Woodland, California

Updated 50 months ago

Customer Service Representative & Tech. Support I - Coord. - 25 Replies

I see that most of the people here applied for or work as a CSR at Verizon. Is anybody here working as a Tech. Support I - Coord.? That is the...

BC in Marietta, Georgia

Are all A-Check Screenings the Same?

I'm currently undergoing the interview process, and it's one that's going well, and I'm optimistic that I'll be joining the VZW crew in the near...

Kenny in Houston, Texas

Possiblie hired without a face-to-face interview

Hello. I am a finalist, from Houston, for an entry level software developer position in Georgia. Is it strange to be hired without receiving a...

LL in Yonkers, New York

Updated 51 months ago

Does Verizon Really pull driving records - 3 Replies

I was hired and the company asked if I had a drivers license. I do but its suspended because of and insurance Violation. I was asked if i had any...

Muhammad_Afzal in camden county, New Jersey

Fiber optic network technician?

I am a photonics major in college and I'm looking to get my associates degree and try to pursue a career in Verizon in the fiber optics technician. I...

comebackkidd lewis in detroit, Michigan

Updated 53 months ago

How does the role play scenerios work for vzw retail sales agent position - 4 Replies

Hello, I have an interview at a Verizon Wireless retail store next week. I've read that sitting the interview they do role play scenarios. Can...

jgrooms23 in Washington, District of Columbia

Has anyone start date been pushed back or TBD???

Hello all! Just wondering if anyone else is in the same boat as me... I was suppose to start today, March 11. Unfortunately my start date is...

kerryhamiton22 in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 54 months ago

just got an offer extended to me curious to the background check ? any info - 1 Reply

I had an interveiw with verizon wireless july 18th , interveiw was amazing , clicked with the managers so well he said he would call me tuesday...

Richard in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 55 months ago

Getting hired at verizon wireless - 7 Replies

I applied online on 12/27 and also had my first phone interview the same day. The interview went well and she said that I had a second interview on...

Mavi in Columbus, Ohio

What to expect? (No experience in CSR)

I did a phone a interview today, and got asked to go in for the assessment test. If I pass the assessment test, what type of questions should I...

Richard in Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Hiring Process for Verizon Wireless

What are the steps to the hiring process for Verizon Wireless? I received an e-mail from Verizon that I have a scheduled telephone interview coming...

Richard in Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Verizon Wireless now requiring new hires to have college degrees?

I've been hearing lately that Verizon Wireless is now only hiring people with college degrees. Is this true? Is that why there has been so many...

nexus in Eureka, California

Rretail Sales Training - Travel questions

I just got hired as a retail sales rep in a small town in California. The recruiter told me that I would be going to the nearest big city for 3 weeks...

BrieBliss in Clinton, Maryland

Will there be more call center cuts?

For those that have made it through the interview process, training, transition training and are now working on 'the floor'. Should those of us that...

Bllewellyn1 in Woodstock, Illinois

Updated 58 months ago

Training for new Verizon Wireless retail sales reps - 2 Replies

Just curious. If you aren't located in a major city, at least in Arizona you have to travel to Phoenix or Albuquerque for training. I was wondering...

Neffy in Greenville, South Carolina

Updated 58 months ago

Can you get hired as a CSR in Call Center with a criminal history? - 1 Reply

Hi, I have went through the first three phases of the Verizon process and have the face to face scheduled in two days. My question is this, has...

newton in Newton Center, Massachusetts

Updated 59 months ago

Can Verizon or Acheck find my previous employment? - 2 Replies

Where Im at: I sort of knew a manager through someone else, she told me to apply. I did. She gave me the sit down interview, it went well. Then I...

verizonretaileremployee in Plymouth, Pennsylvania

Does Verizon Wireless still have the non compete clause with working for a retailer of Verizon service

I am just wondering if anyone out there knows if there is still the 6 months non compete clause with working for a retailer of Verizon Wireless and...

Twiggy12 in Winchester, Virginia

Updated 64 months ago

Job for Verizon cable splicer ... - 3 Replies

I got offered the job . Was given salary . Was given class start date . All contingetnt on my background check ( all this over the phone ). But i...

Job seeker in Falls Church, Virginia

Updated 64 months ago

Verizon cable splicer job - 1 Reply

I "qualified" on all tests and both interviews for a cable splicing job . I did recieve a speeding after i applied . However when i was offered the...

acutone in Middletown, New York

Questions about requirements for Verizon Wireless

I would like to apply for a job at Verizon Wireless for a Sales rep. A few questions that I have if anyone can answer... 1) How much is a starting...

Lookingforjob in Raleigh, North Carolina

Got Contingent offer and question about background check

HI all I got contingent offer from verizon pending Drug/Background check. I have some of my education and work experience from outside USA ( in...

Twiggy in Alexandria, Virginia

Updated 64 months ago

background process - 2 Replies

Hi, I'm going through the verizon background and I gave the wrong employment dates on one of my jobs on accident, I couldn't get in touch with the HR...

scorpio25 in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 65 months ago

Verizon wireless - 5 Replies

I was contacted by VW 2/28/12 to confirm the job description,benefits, salary, date job will start which is 04/02/2012, number of weeks for training...

bleu in Phoenix, Arizona

Has anybody made the switch between retail customer service and call center

I just applied to the call center and my main concern is pay and hours. I'm used to ending up working a little over my shift every day, which I never...

exemployee in Gilbert, Arizona

Updated 68 months ago

retail vs. call center - 2 Replies

For a long list of reasons, I have been considering a change of environment from retail customer service to call center. In retail, I work odd...


Updated 68 months ago

pre-employment jitters - 1 Reply

So I just had my 1st phone interview on Thursday and I believe it went REALLY well. To the point that the lady was laughing and very impressed at my...

Caitlyn Lawton in California

Updated 68 months ago

NYC verizon wireless employees - 1 Reply

Hi I am a sales rep for verizon wireless currently, I want to move to NYC, but I'd like to know approx what a sales rep makes there, I have a child...

forsakeme4all in Seattle, Washington

I was blacklisted from verizon, does that ever go away?

So, about two years ago, I applied at a Verizon Wireless call center and I was offered the position and they proceeded to do a background check on...

Beth Eli in New York, New York

Updated 73 months ago

Verizon wireless engineering interview/job offer - 1 Reply

how many interviews are taken for engineering jobs at vzw? i had interview with supervisor, supervisor's supervisor, and 3rd with HR. what happens...

BrandonB in Oxford, Michigan

Updated 74 months ago

CSR position - 1 Reply

Just got an email today from HR asking to set up a phone interview so I called the HR person right away only to get her voicemail. So hopefully I...

Sean White in Albany, Georgia

Updated 74 months ago

Verizon Device Specialist Job?? - 2 Replies

I just got hired as a device specialist with a Verizon retail store. Funny thing is I get an email saying I'm a customer support Rep. Is that just a...

BrandonB in Oxford, Michigan

Updated 74 months ago

Just had 1st phone interview... - 6 Replies

Is there anyone that was told they would have to wait 7-10 days after their first interview, and was later told they would be able to continue to the...

saultnutz in Boston, Massachusetts

Updated 74 months ago

Training in Wilmington, MA 7/18? - 7 Replies

Is anyone from Boston starting training in Wilmington next Monday? I'm looking for carpool/commute bussies.

itakecallz in Yucaipa, California

Call Centers- VZW Credit Check

Did your credit affect your job offer at all? I am applying for the Irvine, CA call center.

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