How do i Get a job in the telecom field, for verizon. I am located in Baltimore,MD. HELP!

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anthonylabbate in Halethorpe, Maryland

115 months ago

Well, i have been checking at least once a month for the past year on verizons website to see if they are hiring in my area for the telecom field as a service or installation technician and they never have any openings. If anyone could help me out i would GREATLY appreciate it, as i am looking for a good and stable job, right not i am an electrician, so i have basic wiring experience.

nursn4me in Richmond, Virginia

114 months ago

Well I just went on their website and they have a few openings in the Beltsville, Salisbury, Rosedale, and Baltimore area for the telecom division.

Go check it out you may have to start as a Consultant. I start on Monday as a consultant and it took me 7 months from when I first applied to when I officially got the go ahead to report to training on Monday.

I am excited but nervous too. I am being paid ridiculously but I hear alot of negatives about Verizon and how they treat their employees and the ridiculous corp objectives they have in order to be retained on the job. I will see for myself very soon. Wish you luck!!!

Real1 in District Heights, Maryland

110 months ago

I should be starting as a Part Time Consultant (i.e. customer service rep) on 1/20/09 (keeps fingers crossed). I originally applied and tested in 10/08.

I applied for several positions including Telecom Technician, Customer Service Rep, Network Operations).

My starting pay is only $13/hr (top rate was $28/hr) as I don't have any call center experience. I'm plan on talking to my interviewer to see about getting a pay bump. I'm going to state my case and list my experience that wasn't on my resume. I'm gunning for at least $16/hour.

I'm hoping for the chance to work more that 20 hours a week. I've also been told by a friend who is a full time consultant that there are some sales/retention bonuses available.

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