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Mary Rogers in Boston, Massachusetts

118 months ago

Very interested in working for Verizon, currently laid off. Looking to change career some what, would love to have the opportunity to do customer service, or call center work. Please contact me.

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Susan in Auburn, New Hampshire

117 months ago

I worked at Verizon Information Resources (yellow pages) for the better part of 10 years, and was downsized 3 years ago. My position was moved to an area where my salary was not sufficient to live on even though income was very good, over 50K. Then those postions were downsized. I took a package, but since then I have not been able to replace my income, I now make 30K doiing the same type of work, graphic design. Practically the whole time I was there, there was a threat of layoffs and moving jobs. Which was nerve wracking! I first worked for Nynex, Bell Atlantic and then Verizon. The company went downhill everytime there was a merger, but Verizon is the worst. Even thought the pay is excellent and the benefits are second to none, that's only because of the union. It's not a secure place because the union keeps losing power, but I would go back for the paycheck in a hearbeat. I doubt there will be much hiring with the sale of land lines in New England to another company. I think it will get worse. Good luck.

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Tonya Smith

116 months ago

I agree with you. The talks about offices closing, managers being laid off downsizing can kill you. I am so stress working there. Is money everything? I have been there for 10 years. Believe me Verizon is no longer a company that you know that you will retire from. The is also no movement" up the ladder" as it use be. Customer Service is the worse position and the hardest. I would not want my enemy in that position. I am not ready to take the package but I am ready to change careers. Verizon is not the source of life and it can not be the only company that pays well.( In a matter of time the union will not be there).

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Valerie in Saint Charles, Missouri

112 months ago

Verizon is the worst company I ever worked for and I've worked in several customer service jobs. I worked as a directory assistance operator, hoping to just get my foot in the door and move up to better jobs. I left a couple weeks later when I discovered that if you work for one division of Verizon, you are not allowed to apply to other divisions. Dumbest policy I ever heard of. After I started at Verizon directory assistance I was called for a job at Verizon Wireless which I had applied for at the same time. I was even told at the Wireless interview that it would not be a problem if that should occur. Obviously, the interviewers did not know the policy. HR would not return my calls or email when I tried to speak to them about being misinformed.

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Real1 in District Heights, Maryland

94 months ago

I've got a couple of Verizon (not Verizon Wireless) questions:

- Do part time customer service reps get benefits?

- How often do part time customer reps have the chance to work overtime or transition into full time?

- I was told "time and title" requirements are 30 months, before you can apply for other positions within Verizon. Is this a policy that is firmly enforeced?

- Can someone tell me about the sales and customer retention bonuses available and if they are also available for Part Timers?

- What dollar amount/percentage is each raise. I heard the raises are every 6 months?


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