Vitas Innovative Hospice Care Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits.

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What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Vitas Innovative Hospice Care?

What do you like best about working at Vitas Innovative Hospice Care? Are there any great perks or special treats for employees?

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AngryAtVitas in Florida

125 months ago

The company does not even have a fund to help employees who experience a trauma or to allow fellow workers to donate time to one another. The starting salaries in my area are low for nurses, and quite low given the cost of living in Florida. The raise each year is a max of 3%, and the health benefits usually go up by at least that much. Plus, you must work all holidays, unless you can get them off in advance. During the holidays last year I saw patients on Christmas and New Years. The new policy this year is that if you are sick on a holiday, you have to get a doctor's note. Who can see a doctor on Thanksgiving? In other words, you better be in the ER or dead to not show up. And the stupid part is that families DO NOT WANT to see you if they can help it. It is their holiday too. time and a half for any holiday throughout the year. It is just another regular work day at VITAS.


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vanessa in Easton, Maryland

72 months ago

you must be crazy or you do not understand what it means to work at hospice...especially.. VITAS.. in FLORIDA..I have been working with VITAS(daytona beach, fl) for 8 months and I LOVED can not "abondened" your pts EVEN on holidays and most families DO understand WHY you are coming on a holiday and most important, christmas ,thanksgiving.etc.. you get paid.. time and 1/2 +.... if you are in FL you need to transfer to the DAYTONA BEACH is EXCELLENT...tell them vanessa sent you...and i transferred to DE VITAS and have now been there 5 months....(my husband had to transfer as well) please don't knock VITAS ,just because YOu can not remember "WHY" you joined HOSPICE.....

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Tyler in Toledo, Ohio

71 months ago

I am interested in working for Vitas Hospice. I am a Hospice RN, CHPN going on 5 years experience. I want to move to the Florida area. How big is the Hospice you work at? Is there a INPT unit, Home care? I have done both. Would love to know more about your experience working for them. Any input you have would be great.



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