Volt Jobs @ Microsoft (Redmond)

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Vernon in Bellevue, Washington

119 months ago

Typical scenario for how a group at Microsoft fills a contract position:

- The group Program Manager (PM) will attempt to secure budget money to fill this contract position. They will get preliminary approval and begin the process.

- The PM will contact Volt and describe the position. Microsoft only hires temps through a handful of providers (Volt, Excel, etc.). The PM will rarely contact more than one provider – and it is usually Volt. The PM will negotiate an hourly rate that they will pay Volt. The MS contract with Volt guarantees them a MINIMUM percentage markup so they make a profit. Volt is free to negotiate ANY rate with the contractor.

- Volt will attempt to find a group of candidates that just barely meet the requirements with the minimal amount of experience. These types of employees typically can be obtained for a lower rate.

- Volt will order these candidates by lowest cost to them and present a few at a time to the PM. The PM will schedule interviews and/or ask for more candidates.

- The PM will want to schedule interviews after a delay as budget money is not yet signed off on. Eventually the money shows up and the interviews begin.

- Since the worst candidates interview first the interviews will be disastrous. MS still uses their archaic process of throwing the poor candidate at tons of people. None of these employees have the time or desire to interview people. Volt will SLOWLY send more qualified (more expensive) people. It is not uncommon for a group to interview 20 people for a postion.

- The MS employees will complain how no good candidates are available. How we need better schools and how H1 Visa limits should be increased. Eventually they will become exhausted with interviewing and hire the contractor that will probably work because there is nobody better available.

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aliemami in Kirkland, Washington

52 months ago

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