get paid when you need the money

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99 months ago

I am ten years old in fourth grade
and I already need the money so I
don't know what I'm going to do
I already know I need a job but
I don't know what website to go
on to get one I need help

Audrey (Host) in Austin, Texas

99 months ago

Well most states won't let you work very much until you are older and most jobs on this website are for adults.
Here is tha link to the Federal government guidelines
I hope you find something!

Rainier in Clintondale, New York

98 months ago

Hey kid, make some flyers and put em around yer neighborhood or in some of the local shops suggesting what you'll work for $$-wise, and prepare your hands to do some good old fashioned yard-work. there's all kinds of old folks who need help. Make sure your parents are up in what yer doin, and don't work for anyone without checking with your folks cuz they know how to judge if it's cool. If your ever unsure, don't do it.

Iris in Bronx, New York

95 months ago

I agree with Rainier. Try baby sitting or pet sitting. You could try helping your neighbors mowing the lawn or gardening for money. Make sure your parents or guardians know where you will work. There are alot crazy people out there so be careful at whatever job you choose. Be safe!

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