Wachovia Internship

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Tdheac in Miami, Florida

83 months ago

I am going to be a junior in college this fall. I was hoping someone here has/had an internship with Wachovia recently. I would like to know your experience and what you think of the company and corporate culture. Replies from current employees who are/were not interns will also be helpful. Thanks

John Dough 456 in Matthews, North Carolina

81 months ago

As a current employee, I would tell you that it all depends on who your manager is. In 4 years with the company, I've had 2. One was just ok, the other is a lawsuit looking for a place to happen. Be very careful who you work for and I'd advise you that if you have other internship options, weigh them all out before choosing Wachovia. I think there's better opportunities out there.

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